Lufthansa launches web-based helicopter training

Lufthansa launches web-based helicopter training

5-Feb-2012 Source: Lufthansa Technical Training

Lufthansa Technical Training’s new, web-based training program (WBT) for helicopter training is now available. The English-language program is based on the latest technological standards and follows successful learning approaches. Divided into 16 units, all the helicopter basics are imparted lucidly over approximately 55 hours.

The WBT satisfies the requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regarding personnel authorized to issue certifications for maintenance work on helicopters. The learning content of the program complies with EASAcategory CAT B1.3 (module 12).

Holger Beck, Chief Commercial Officer at Lufthansa Technical Training (LTT): “With this new innovative step in the direction of time- and resource-saving training concepts that offers our customers the possibility of qualifying their staff as required and free from a fixed working time frame, Lufthansa Technical Training is further expanding its e-learning training offerings into the helicopter market.”

It has taken 18 months to develop this WBT. After putting together the training content and embedding it in a methodical didactic concept, the software solution was implemented in collaboration with an external media expert. Moreover, the content can be broken down at CAT A3 level.

Thomas Breuer, trainer and co-developer of WBT helicopter training at LTT: “The unusual feature of this WBT program is the fact that we have animated a number of system diagrams. These system animations are designed interactively and participants can test out the theoretical knowledge they have acquired directly in the simulation. Linked video sequences introduce participants virtually into the basics of helicopter technology and maintenance. The setting is highly entertaining and varied thanks to the use of professional speakers. As a result the training content can be quickly picked up, so that positive learning experiences and successes can be gained in next to no time.”

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