Unique helicopter storage product launches at Heli-Expo

Unique helicopter storage product launches at Heli-Expo

11-Feb-2012 Source: sHeli-Port

The sHeli-Port (Booth #918 at Heli-Expo) is the world’s first fully-contained, portable helicopter storage solution, creating a hangar-free, secure option for helicopter owners. Originally unveiled last year at Heli-Expo in Orlando, Fla., to gauge consumer interest, the sHeli-Port is now in full production and available for purchase.

The unique clam shell design is unlike any helicopter protection product on the market – a result of true out-of-the-box ingenuity that must be seen to be believed. Imagine your rotorcraft investment receiving the same protection a violin case provides a valuable instrument.

Created by a helicopter pilot frustrated over damage and tampering in crowded hangars and unsecured ramp parking areas, the sHeli-Port provides protection wherever the aircraft calls home – the back deck, on the dock, in the backyard, on the airport ramp, even on a yacht.

“Many people share hangar space to keep costs down, and some even store far more than just a helicopter in their hangars. Unfortunately, that can cost far more than it saves. I’ve seen very expensive damage take place in crowded hangars,” said sHeli-Port Designer and President Ben Hanafin. “Your aircraft is not much safer on the ramp or at home on your property in terms of weather, the kids, curious pedestrians and the like. I designed the sHeli-Port to solve these problems and be the ideal storage solution for helicopters.”

Interest in the sHeli-Port is already strong. In addition to helicopter owners, an East Coast airport with no overnight or long-term helicopter parking is considering the sHeli-Port for transient use or long-term tenant lease.

The sHeli-Port is a solar-battery powered hydraulic clam shell system. Made of sturdy and weatherresistant fiberglass, once closed it protects your investment from hangar rash, tampering, curious pedestrians, ramp rash, and weather, including winds exceeding 100 mph.

The sHeli-Port comes with a rail mounted landing pad. Upon shut down, the pad is easily pulled into the shells and hydraulic controls close and secure the sHeli-Port. For those with limited space, the sHeli-Port comes with a pad that rises above the shells, then, upon aircraft shut down, hydraulic controls lower the pad into the sHeli-Port before the shells close.

The sHeli-Port is fully portable. Meeting federal highway width standards for a regular load, the sHeli-Port can be transported on a trailer between locations with little effort.

For more information about this unique product or to interview Ben Hanafin, stop by booth 918, call 908-617-0606, or visit www.sHeli-Port.com

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