Synodon awarded US patent for helicopter mounted Gas Filter Correlation Radiometer

Synodon awarded US patent for helicopter mounted Gas Filter Correlation Radiometer

22-Feb-2012 Source: Synodon

Synodon Inc.,(“Synodon”) [TSXV-SYD], announces that the United States Patent Office has awarded it a Patent for its data analysis method that uses surface reflectivity profiles to improve the accuracy of Gas Filter Correlation Radiometer (GFCR) measurements. By using this method in its current realSensTM GFCR implementation, Synodon estimates that it can improve the gas detection sensitivity by a factor of up to 10 times.

realSensTM is an advanced gas remote sensing GFCR instrument that is mounted on a helicopter and pointed at the earth surface below. As the helicopter flies over an area of interest, realSensTM collects measurements which, once processed and analyzed, yield information about the amount of gas present in the surveyed area. The primary error sources in such remote sensing measurements are spatial and temporal variations in the surface, the atmosphere and the environment, with the largest error source being the changing surface reflectivity profiles of different ground cover types such as grass, gravel, cement, etc. By correcting for these varying profiles, realSensTM could detect lower amounts of gas than would be possible without the correction.

This is an important patent addition to our IP portfolio as it allows Synodon to potentially target a number of new market opportunities in the future,” stated Adrian Banica, Chief Executive Officer of Synodon. “The added sensitivity will also be important to a number of our existing natural gas pipeline customers that want to gain better knowledge about the smaller leaks that might exist in their network. Although these leaks do not present an immediate danger to their operation, detecting them early could help them mitigate their effects in future years”.

Synodon’s realSensTM technology has been proven to detect natural gas leaks as low as 100-200 scf/hr, the typical size of leaks that are of interest to high-pressure transmission companies as well as to natural gas producers. Operators of natural gas distribution networks within urban environments will typically be concerned about smaller leaks and this advancement will be targeted primarily at that market segment.

Synodon intends to develop and apply these new methods to its data analysis process over the next year and it will be accomplished with a minimal cost impact to the company.

Synodon Inc. ( is a technology company which has developed an advanced airborne remote gas sensing system called realSensTM, based on technologies developed under the Canadian Space Program and by Synodon scientists. The company provides a full service gas emissions monitoring and quantification service to a variety of industries, including hydrocarbon (oil and gas), environmental and agricultural, and for a variety of gases including methane, ethane and ammonia.

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