RAeS Rotory Wing Mission Training Programme Announced

RAeS Rotory Wing Mission Training Programme Announced

20-Mar-2012 Source: Royal Aeronautical Society

This May’s Rotorcraft and Flight Simulation Conference will be focusing on Rotary Wing Mission Training Rehearsal and the role flight simulation can play in this.   The idea of the conference is to bring together the rotorcraft and flight simulation communities to map out a way forward for helicopter mission training.

Their website gives the following further information:-

Civilian helicopter crews are increasingly required to perform a wide variety of missions, such as search and rescue, HEMS, and air policing, in complex, unpredictable, and demanding environments, involving other agencies and other surface and air platforms. Live training for the situations and emergencies they face is constrained by a number of factors, but flight simulation increasingly provides the capability to train for such conditions, and to integrate front and rear crew training into a genuine team training regime.

An RAeS inspired International Working Group for Helicopters – the IWG-H – is applying a rigorous training task methodology to develop training and simulation standards for mission training, and to help further expand the range and nature of simulator capabilities and accreditations. These expanded capabilities will entail broader training objectives than those needed for platform type qualification and routine aircraft handling, a wider range of visual and sensor cues, more varied and complex communications play, and a broader range of instructor expertise. Military air forces have considerable expertise in defining and applying the requirements for applied platform and system handling in mission training, and their experience has much to offer the civil training world as it begins to address these issues.

It is essential that all aspects of live and synthetic training are considered together, so the RAeS Flight Simulation and Rotary Groups are jointly organising a conference to bring together the rotary and simulation communities to map out a way ahead for civil helicopter training

Conference Outline
The Conference will therefore evaluate the requirements for civil helicopter mission training profiles, including complex situations and emergencies, together with aspects of simulation based training such as visual systems, motion and vibration, interactive entity and agency control, and communications. It will review current military experience and lessons, and will also look at training curricula and instructor requirements to support mission training, helping develop minimum training guidelines for selected roles, and operators to develop their own mission training programs.

  • When: Tuesday, 29 May 2012 12:30 – Thursday, 31 May 2012 17:00
  • Location: Royal Aeronautical Society, view map

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