Transport Canada approves AKV’s Exceedence Trend Monitoring System for AS350

Transport Canada approves AKV’s Exceedence Trend Monitoring System for AS350

11-Jul-2012 Source: Dart Helicopter Services

AKV Inc an affiliated partner of DART Helicopter Services is pleased to announce receipt of Transport Canada approval for their new ETM1000 Exceedence and Trend Monitoring System.  AKV Inc.’s Exceedence Trend Monitoring System is designed to continuously monitor and record all engine and drive train parameters for values in excess of the airframe and engine operating limitations and records all parameters for trending purposes to a removable SD card.   AKV’s ETM1000 provides a complete affordable solution for exceedence monitoring and data trending. Our goal is to provide today’s technology in an affordable package that is easy to install and provide the ultimate in assurance for all operators.  FAA approval has been previously received, EASA approval is pending.

System Signals Recorded by the ETM1000:

  • N1 Gas Producer
  • N2 Power Turbine
  • Nr Rotor
  • T4 (MGT) Temperature
  • Tq Torque
  • Outside Air Temperature
  • Pressure Altitude
  • Flight Timer
  • Eng. Run Timer
  • Starts
  • Airspeed switch

Additional System Features:

  • Custom graphing software for data viewing
  • Field Programmable
  • Power Check Recording Feature
  • Satellite Data uplink and WiFi connectivity
  • Future option for vibration accelerometers (Mini-Hums)
  • Connects to all existing engine and airframe signal generators
  • Includes the complete airframe wiring harness
  • Instrument panel pushbutton / annunciators for pilot interface
  • Standard and optional pushbutton mounting
  • Audio side tone for the pilot’s headset

Since the beginning, AKV has provided engine cycle counters for a variety of helicopter models. Our cycle counters are critical for day to day operations requiring tracking of cycle life limited engine components. The ETM1000 Exceedence and Trend Monitoring System is the next step in the evolution of our product line.

All parameters are continually monitored and record historical data with date and time stamp of normal conditions along with duration of exceedences. All data is continually written to a removable SD card where the recorded data can be viewable via MS Excel custom AKC Inc. viewing software providing a legible format for viewing.

System health and exceedence status indication via amber caution and red warning indicators is provided to the pilot via pushbutton / annunciators mounted on the instrument panel.

A unique feature of the AKV ETM1000 is that there are no transducers to install since it is designed to couple to the existing drive train signal generators. This provides for a system that has a lower acquisition cost, ease of installation and a much higher level of dependability.

A dedicated power check push-button records all engine parameters for easy maintenance plotting.

Additional model Helicopters will be added to include the Bell and McDonald Douglas series.

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