Helicopter Fuel-Savings Program Expands to Europe

Helicopter Fuel-Savings Program Expands to Europe

31-Aug-2012 Source: JTI Air Holdings

Using gasoline as an alternative helicopter fuel is not only better for the environment, but also more cost efficient, Fuller says.

In Europe, JTI’s automotive gasoline supplemental type certificates (STCs) are sold by company representative Joop van Weele of Holland. (Seehttp://www.vliegwerkholland.nl/autofuel.html for info.)

Leaded helicopter fuel is being phased out worldwide due to environmental concerns. JTI Air Holdings has led the search for sustainable helicopter fuel. In the United States, automotive gasoline that meets ASTM specification D8414 has been approved for helicopter use for several years under supplemental type certificates that were jointly developed by Fuller and U.S.-based Peterson Aviation.

In Europe, aircraft operators are feeling the pressure of leaded fuel being discontinued. Operators of the popular Robinson R22 and R44 piston-engine powered helicopters, many of whom fly in remote areas, are scrambling to find alternative helicopter fuels.

Savings when flying with auto gas are expected to be between 15 to 25 US dollars per hour when compared to either 100LL aviation fuel or its replacement, 91UL. Similar operations for the R22 helicopter have been “grandfathered” under British CAA Airworthiness Approval Note No. 27743, Issue 2.

FAA test results show the R44 used approximately 3/4 gallon less fuel per hour, and hovered on about 1” less manifold pressure than when operated on 100LL aviation gas.

EASA, in accordance with the recently signed EU-USA Bilateral Airworthiness Safety Agreement, issued STC No. 10041028 to Fuller on Aug. 16. The certificate permits the operation of European R44 helicopters using 91-octane automotive gasolines.

For more information on alternative aircraft fuel, contact JTI’s EU representative: Joop van Weele, autofuel(at)vliegwerkholland(dot)nl. Phone: +31 (0)113 613 293

JTI Air Holdings LLC is a New Hampshire company dedicated to responsible use of energy resources and sustainable aviation practices.

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