HeliAir Sweden buys first Cineflex Elite in Europe

HeliAir Sweden buys first Cineflex Elite in Europe

6-Dec-2012 Source: Nordic Rotors

HeliAir Film and HeliAir Sweden announced that the two companies have acquired a brand new Cineflex ELITE gyro-stabilized camera system for its filming operations. The Cineflex ELITE integrates the award-winning ARRI Alexa-M Super 35 Digital Cinema camera and the Canon 4K Digital Cinema lenses into a 5-axis gyro-stabilized Cineflex system.

“Over the last year we’ve received a lot of requests from Swedish and international film makers for a camera system with the same stability as our original Cineflex V14, but with an Arri Alexa Camera. Today we are finally here to deliver it” says HeliAir Film’s CEO Tobias Larsson.“Off course, it’s not only about owning the right equipment, you really need to have the experience and a skilled helicopter service behind you in order to survive in this business.”

HeliAir’s key persons have produced aerials since 1998, and its staff has over 1000 hours of experience in aerial film work. Some of its more famous works are the aerials for 16 countries of the Survivor Series (“Expedition Robinson”) and a long list of commercials, feature films and sporting events for the international market. Its new ELITE will be operated parallel to the company’s Cineflex V14.

The Cineflex ELITE are the newest edition in the famous Cineflex family, with rock steady imagery in the harshest weather conditions. It can easily be integrated onto a wide variety of platforms, and it is said to be a very rapid system to rig on a helicopter compared to other Super 35 format digital production systems on the market.

Reproduced from Nordic Rotors with permission. Copyright and full responsibility for the content of this article remains with Nordic Rotors

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