DART to offer Left-Hand Pilot-in-Command Kits and Cable Cutters

DART to offer Left-Hand Pilot-in-Command Kits and Cable Cutters

18-Dec-2012 Source: DART Helicopter Services

DART has a  wide variety of safety enhancing products that can improve your utility mission by saving time and money, but most importantly making your mission safer. In order to do so, DART is pleased to offer Left-Hand Pilot-In Command Kits and Cable Cutters Kits to provide increased safety and to support operators who have to support contracts with entities like the United States Department of Interior (DOI) and the United States Forest Service (USFS).

The new Left-Hand Pilot-in-Command Kit allows operators to bring the left hand pilot position to the same operational level as the right hand pilot position. This will allow the aircraft to be operated with the Pilot-in-Command seated in either position with the installation of redundant instrumentation, flight controls, control mounted switches and emergency cargo release.  The new Left-Hand Pilot in-Command can help you save up to 1 hour by removing the cycle of starting up and shutting down the aircraft to allow the pilot to transfer from the right-hand to left-hand position.

DART also offers a wide variety of Cable Cutters Kits for AgustaWestland models, Light Bell, Medium Bell, Eurocopter AStar and Medium-Size Eurocopter aircraft. The Cable Cutters Kit offered by DART provides a more affordable option compared to other kits on the market.

DART’s Cable Cutters Kits provides a means of protecting the helicopter during a cable/wire strike by providing the capability to cut a cable/wire before catastrophic damage occurs. The kit is designed to reduce the possibly of a cable/wire entering the cockpit and to reduce the chance of flight control damage.

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