Promising developments in bird-scare technology

Promising developments in bird-scare technology

25-Jan-2013 Source:

Under an SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) program sponsorship project, TII (Technology International Inc) has released details of a new device to fire low-frequency sound at flocks of birds to steer them away from a given location.  Clearly there are significant uses for this around airports, heliports, helipads and aircraft carriers.

Traditionally, bird scare systems at airports have been based on other bird calls, particularly the calls of birds higher up the food chain!  The new system developed by TII  of LaPlace in Louisiana takes a very different approach – using “infrasound”, well below the range of human hearing.  Trials of the Avian Infrasound Non-lethal Denial System have been very successful.  A passive infrasound detector listens for approaching birds, and activates a series of subwoofers that generate high-intensity low-frequency sound.

The main function of the active infrasound non-lethal denial system is to deny birds access to critical areas around aircraft and other high value systems and attract birds to a sanctuary far away from critical areas.  Company CEO Abdo Husseiny is quoted as saying that thunderstorms emit lots of infrasound, which could explain birds’ natural aversion to that weather.

The equipment is expected to be commercially available within two years.  Other potential uses include areas around wind turbines, city centres, swimming pools, beaches and so on.  More details here

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