Flightcell releases world’s smallest satcom & tracking system

Flightcell releases world’s smallest satcom & tracking system

1-Mar-2013 Source: Flightcell

In launching its latest DZMx product, aviation innovator Flightcell International Ltd (Flightcell) is again leading the world in satellite communication and tracking systems.

Flightcell will present the world’s smallest, lightest, and smartest satellite communication and tracking system – Flightcell DZMx – at the March 2013 HELI-EXPO. The compact Flightcell DZMx weighs only 650 grams, and takes up much less space in the cockpit than any other satcom and tracking system in the world.

Flightcell CEO and Founder John Wyllie says the Flightcell DZMx takes all-in-one satellite/cellular technology to a new level, beating its competitors on all levels.

“In addition to functionality, weight and size are critical in aviation, so our technical team have developed the smaller, lighter and more advanced Flightcell DZMx, while ensuring we maintain the integrity of the Flightcell DZMx’s predecessors,” Wyllie says. “We know there is nothing like the Flightcell DZMx in the world, so we are very proud to be ahead of the curve.”

One of Flightcell’s first ever clients, Garden City Helicopters, a leading New Zealand commercial helicopter provider, will be the first to install the DZMx when it goes into production in the middle of this year. Tim Douglas-Clifford, Chief Pilot from Garden City Helicopter’s Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter Service, says the DZMx’s specifications are impressive.

“Garden City Helicopters has used Flightcell’s systems in their helicopters for a decade,” Douglas-Clifford says. “We choose Flightcell’s satcom systems because crystal clear communications and uninterrupted tracking can mean the difference between life and death when operating Search & Rescue. As soon as we were presented with the Flightcell DZMx we leapt on the opportunity to install the smaller and lighter unit for our new twin engine BK117.

“As well its compact size, the Flightcell DZMx includes game changing upgrades such as internal Iridium and Cellular transceiver integration, a 3G Broadband connection, and the addition of new data interfaces such as Ethernet , USB and ARINC-429,” he says. “Like all of Flightcell’s systems, we can customise the product for our exact needs. Once again the forward thinking developers at Flightcell have gone way beyond what we as customers thought we needed.”

John Wyllie challenges anyone to find a smaller, lighter, and more advanced integrated-mobile communications and tracking system for aviation than the Flightcell DZMx.

“Flightcell is proud to be a nimble team of innovators, based in New Zealand, which is famous for clever, world-beating technology solutions,” Wyllie says. “Visitors to our stand at HeliExpo 2013 will have a chance to win a US$9800 Flightcell DZMx unit, so we look forward to presenting its functionality to those who want the best satellite communications and tracking system currently on the market.”

Flightcell DZMx Key Features:
.Lighter. 600 grams lighter than the previous lightest satcom system, Flightcell DZM3, which weighs 2lb 12oz (1.25kg). The Flightcell DZMx weighs 1.4lbs (650g).

.Smaller. Significantly shorter depth than the previous smallest satcom system, Flightcell DZM3, whose dimensions are: width 4.95″ (125mm), height: 2.18″ (55mm), Depth: 8.60″ (218mm). The Flightcell DZMx’s dimensions are: width 4.95″ (125 mm), height: 2.18″ (55mm), Depth: 4.72″ (120mm).

.Tougher. Built tough to meet Milspec standards and D0160G. The environmentally sealed unit is built to withstand extremes in temperature, humidity, dust and water.

.Unlimited tracking options. Flightcell’s open recipient data feed allows for multiple mapping service providers- you choose your provider. Multiple event driven tracking options-User configurable tracking – off NVIS backlit LCD menu and keypad ON THE UNIT or off connected PC.

.All-in-one modular customisation. Sat/3G Cell, Sat/Sat, 3G cell alone. It lets you chose a built-in Satphone, built-in cell modem, OR both, OR double Satphone modem. The same unit will take either internal Satphone modem (like DZM3) OR Remote satphone in cradle, (like DZM2) or both. The Flightcell DZMx allows you to make two calls at once from the aircraft cockpit and cabin.

.Increased flexibility. Multiple data interface options: ARINC 429, RS 232, RS 422, RS 485, Ethernet, USB. Data connectivity via connected laptop for text messaging, email and internet. Multiple handset and ICS audio options for different satcom needs, either via headset in the cockpit or handsets for cabin passengers. Data over narrow band Iridium or 3G Broadband.

.Easy installation reduces costs. All electronics installed in the one compact panel mounted control head – no additional hardware to go in the avionics bay, and minimal wiring, reducing installation costs. Easy sim card installation. Easily Upgradable firmware. DZM Manager installed for PC or remote configuration. Optional AES 265 bit Encryption.

.Top quality usability. Crystal clear audio. Dial calls off the panel for easier use. Remote head available — for multiple station control of DZM.  Program all audio settings using LCD menu and NVIS Backlit keypad.

.Quality validated: NVIS (A&B Compliant). D0160G and Mil spec components.

About Flightcell International Ltd
New Zealand-based Flightcell has been the pioneer and global producer of airborne integrated-mobile communications for more than 17 years. Today, there are more than 3500 Flightcell systems used by private, commercial and military aircraft. The new Flightcell DZMx is the world’s smallest, lightest and smartest all-in-one cellular & satellite communication and tracking system.

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