Technisonic Launches First Project 25 Phase II-Compliant Transceivers

Technisonic Launches First Project 25 Phase II-Compliant Transceivers

5-Mar-2013 Source: Technisonic

At Heli-Expo 2013, Technisonic Industries Ltd., an industry leader in the development, manufacture and support of special-mission airborne communications systems, is launching the airborne market’s first transceivers that complywith both Phase I and Phase II of Project 25 interoperability standards.

Technisonic is displaying the all-new TDFM-9000 series of transceivers and other new products March 5-7 at Booth N1922 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center during Heli-Expo 2013. The TDFM-9000 series also will be on display in Dallas Avionics’ exhibit at Booth C7017 in the convention center’s Central Hall.

The Project 25 (P25) suite of digital radio communications standards cover interoperability requirements for radios used by federal, state, provincial and local public safety agencies in North America and their contractors. The new P25 Phase II requirements include the use a two slot TDMA format that meets the FCC’s 6.25 kHz channel equivalency requirement, which effectively doubles the bandwidth within the existing Phase I’s 12.5 kHz requirement.

“The market is changing to Phase II standards and Technisonic is committed to developing and fielding the technology that enables our customers to stay ahead of those changes,” said Jim Huddock, Manager of Business Development, Federal/Military at Technisonic. “The TDFM-9000 series are the only airborne Multi-band transceivers available that comply with P25 Phase II (TDMA) and with the FAA’s airworthiness standards.”

An industry first, the new 9000 series radios offer, in addition to the standard Single Band Type II and III modules, an all new DUAL BAND P25 module capability.  These new type III modules are fully compliant and capable of supporting any two defined P25 bandwidths, VHF, UHF-LO, UHF-HI or 700/800Mhz.  “These new dual band modules greatly enhance the flexibility of our products, allowing for greater frequency capability, while actually simplifying and expanding the programming options available to our customers,” said Huddock.

Each TDFM-9000 series transceiver can store 2,000 channels per module and be programmed to operate in digital or analog mode on a channel-by-channel basis. Each also independently supports SCAN across its entire frequency spectrum. Built-in audio switching allows multiple radio frequency (RF) modules in either combined or separate transceiver configurations. The TDFM-9000 series transceivers support simulcast and cross-band repeat, and can be programmed using a Motorola Customer Programming Software (CPS). The all-new series of transceivers include:

  • The TDFM-9000, which can support up to six P25-compliant analog/digital,/TDMA radio modules of the customer’s choice.
  • The  default-9200 can support two analog radio modules plus two P25-compliant digital FDMA/TDMA modules capable of covering all four P25 frequency bands simultaneously.
  • The TDFM-9300 can support one analog module plus up to four P25-compliant digital FDMA/TDMA modules of the customer’s choice.

The all-new transceivers offer a range of optional encryption protocols.

The TDFM-9000 transceivers can be configured to meet each user’s specific requirement. Each model is Dzus panel-mounted and is completely self-contained (with no remote mount box) in a 4.5-inch-high, 5.75-inch-wide, 8.5-inch-deep chassis.

Technisonic’s airborne communications products are the system of choice for demanding tactical applications in the fields of Air Ambulance, Electronic News Gathering (ENG), Fire Suppression, Law Enforcement and Army National Guard.

 About Technisonic Industries Ltd.

Technisonic Industries Ltd. is a leader in the development of aeronautical FM, and multi-band special-mission airborne radios and audio communications systems. Its specialties include P25 airborne radios, digital and analog airborne audio, AM base stations for airlines and analog airborne FM radios. The privately held Canadian electronics manufacturer has its principal offices in Mississauga, Ontario, near Toronto International Airport.

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