Zephyr International milestones achieved

Zephyr International milestones achieved

6-Mar-2013 Source: Zephyr International

Zephyr International LLC has some major accomplishments it would like to share them with the helicopter community.

In 2012 the AxelCutTM was formally qualified by Eurocopter for use on their aircraft with rescue hoists installed. They evaluated the AxelCutTM in 2011 and accepted the qualification in 2012. We delivered 20 units to them last year and recently received an order for 20 more.

The AxelCutTM is a one handed rescue hoist cable cutter that is totally independent of the rescue hoist and aircraft system and can cut the cable extremely fast without a pyrotechnic device. Given the high costs of the pyrotechnic squibs and the resulting cost and manpower required if the squib is used, the AxelCutTM provides a safe, efficient and economical alternative to the pyrotechnic squib in a cable snagging event. We have also had great success with the bundling of the AxelCutTM with the QuickSpliceTM to form the EKitTM. Using the AxelCutTM and QuickSpliceTM one can cut the cable and attach an emergency rescue hook in less than 22 Seconds. To date we have delivered a combination of more than 660 AxelCutTM /E-Kits TM worldwide.

In late 2012 we delivered the 100th MagSensTM (Magnetic Rescue Hoist Cable Inspection System) to the German Police, via our German partner, Aircraft Technologies G.m.b.H. The police had originally purchased one in the spring of 2012 and ordered another one in the fall. To date we have delivered 119 MagSensTM systems worldwide. The MagSensTM uses the magnetic flux leakage technique to inspect the cable and locate defects in a very convenient manner. It has been proven very successful in saving our customers time and money in the inspection process, and provides permanent records of the inspection along with peace of mind to the maintenance professionals who are using it.

In 2012 we delivered our 100th Manual RHGSE (Rescue Hoist Ground Support Equipment) tool for maintaining rescue hoists. It was one of 4 delivered to the French Navy working with our partner Capital Logistic Services. Recently we received an order for 10 additional Manual RHGSE tools from the Canadian Government via our Canadian partner GasTops. The Manual RHGSE has proven to be very popular with certain customers for its ease of use and economical cost.

And in January 2013 we delivered our 100th Hydraulic RHGSE, which was one of 17 ordered by the Defense Logistics Agency for use within our US Military. The Hydraulic RHGSE is the system of choice for higher end users with multiple hoist equipped aircraft. Our RHGSE customers in the US Military include the US Army, US Army National Guard, US Army Reserves, US Army Special Operations, and US Coast Guard. We are proud to support our Medevac units in theater and at home. Additionally the 160th SOAR(A) has recently procured three additional Fixed Hoist Test Facilities, and with that procurement they will have six systems in use around the USA. Using our RHGSE to maintain their hoists they have reported huge savings in costs and increases in operating efficiencies.

Regarding new developments and in response to requests from the rescue hoist community in 2012 we introduced an electrically powered RHGSE and a Modular Ship Board RHGSE. Please contact Zephyr for more information.

Zephyr is proud of its accomplishments over the last ten years but even more proud to be able to support rescue hoist users worldwide to ensure that the rescue hoist equipment they use to perform their life saving and freedom keeping duties is maintained in the best manner possible at all times; while enhancing safety and perhaps just as importantly, reducing costs during these tough economic times.

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