New helicopter request app saves time and lives

New helicopter request app saves time and lives

14-Apr-2013 Source: Heli-Now

When EMS helicopter pilot Jim Cooper observed that the system for requesting a life flight crew was unnecessarily long, complicated and prone to error, he decided not to accept the status quo. He created a new iPhone application to streamline communication and save crews precious minutes.

Heli-Now founder Cooper said, “This simple helicopter request app puts attention back where it should be—on better patient outcomes.”

With the new app, the process is simpler, faster and safer:
•The paramedic opens the Heli-Now application and selects the closest available helicopter from a subscriber.
•An error-free digital message sends the paramedic’s GPS coordinates, request and work information to the dispatch center, pilot and medical crew.
•The flight is en route to the exact location of the accident.

“Once I demonstrate the system in action, people really understand how much faster and more accurately they can access the nearest available medical helicopter,” according to Cooper.

Patients and crews are not the only ones to benefit from the new app. Flight programs can potentially get a lift with increased flight volume and increased revenue-producing hospital stays.

Heli-Now offers a full line of products and different services to help companies with one to 1,000 helicopters. Prices start as low as $200 per month for one helicopter.

Cooper said, “If you have ever considered using a helicopter request app, Heli-Now can help you at any stage.” According to Cooper, that includes:
•Managing all aspects of a day-to-day operation.
•Building proprietary systems for helicopter operators.
•Proving tremendous cost savings by offering base software to those building their own apps.

The Heli-Now app is available now on iTunes.

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