Expansion for Aero Sekur: the safety and survival specialists

Expansion for Aero Sekur: the safety and survival specialists

13-Jun-2013 Source: Aero Sekur

Major development of Aero Sekur’s MRO offer is announced at Paris Air Show. The formation of HRD Aero Sekur Srl is a Joint Venture amalgamating the services of Aero Sekur and HRD Aero Systems Inc.  Designed to be a European Centre of Excellence, the facility is a one stop hub for repair and overhaul of commercial aircraft safety equipment. Located close to Aero Sekur’s primary Italian manufacturing centre, the new 20,000 sq ft operation provides MRO services for a range of products including escape slides, flotation bags, lifejackets, life-rafts/systems and other safety equipment.*

Continued expansion for Aero Sekur is also reported including a new operation in Brazil. Located in São Paulo, the facility is currently a representation office with plans to expand rapidly to full manufacturing for the company’s aerospace and defence survival system products. The South American addition to the Aero Sekur group of companies follows the successful launch of Aero Sekur Inc. in 2012: a key focus for the US operation based in New Jersey is the supply of life-raft and flotation products to the helicopter industry.


The formation of Sensichips, announced at Paris Air Show 2011, is another new addition to the Aero Sekur group of companies. The operation, based at the company’s primary Italian manufacturing facility, is successfully developing high performance safety system microsensors. Reinforcing Aero Sekur’s focus on engineering, technology and innovation, Sensichips is working with electronics integrators and OEMs to produce low power, integrated, customised, microchip based sensor systems for the aerospace and defence sectors. Measuring just 3x3mm, the chips offer an integrated microsensor IC platform with low power consumption. Applications include aerospace industry mechanical integrity monitoring, robotics and early identification of CBRN hazards.


With public funding, a new technology feasibility study is being progressed by Sensichips to advance the deposition of a sensor layer directly onto the composite structure: this breakthrough is set to make application of the chip technology onto aircraft as easy as applying a coat of paint. As part of the research, Sensichips will ensure feasibility of integration of the new sensors with its SC200 microchips. The objective is provision of easy to apply, low cost Structural Health Monitoring capabilities for existing or new aircraft.

Commenting on the expansion and continued innovation of the Aero Sekur group, Chairman Mark Butler said: “We are continuing to make significant investment in people, facilities and technologies to carve a niche on the global market as survival system specialists for the aerospace and defence sectors.”

The Aero Sekur group comprises Aero Sekur Spa, Aero Sekur Ltd, Aero Sekur Inc, Sekur Sistemi Srl, HRD Aero Sekur Srl, Sensichips SpA and Aero Sekur do Brazil

*Full details of the new HRD Aero Sekur Srl. MRO operation are detailed in the enclosed press release Ref:ASPAS2013_3



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