AgustaWestland targets year end for ISO 14001 certification of Vergiate plant

AgustaWestland targets year end for ISO 14001 certification of Vergiate plant

29-Oct-2013 Source: AgustaWestland

Public opinion, private organisations and governments are expressing growing interest in environmental issues and sustainable development, thus helping to create an arena for the development of more stringent policies and laws that will promote environmental protection.

In this context, AgustaWestland SpA has decided to launch a process for the development of an environmental management system in accordance with the international standard UNI EN ISO 14001 for plants operating in Italy, and to obtain certification from the accreditation body by 2014.

This management system will enable AgustaWestland Spa to exercise more effective control on the environmental aspects associated with its activities and to embark on structured and continuous initiatives to improve its environmental performance.

A key element of the environmental management system is the Environmental Policy document published here, with which AgustaWestland Spa outlines its environmental goals.

Improvement targets

Under this project, the first plant involved in the ISO 14001 certification process is the Vergiate site, where final helicopter assembly operations are carried out.

In accordance with the above Environmental Policy and the environmental performance improvement plan, the plant Management has defined these first objectives:

• Total amount of waste produced in 2014 reduced by 1% compared to 2012
• Recycling in 2014 increased by 5% compared to 2012
• Reduced noise impact of flight activity by establishing, by 2014, in collaboration with ENAC and ENAV technical bodies, routes that restrict overflight in the municipal area of Vergiate.
• Development in 2013 of an effective system for the assessment of water and energy consumption, to move forward during 2014 with further programmes for the rationalisation of water and energy use.
• Issue, by 2013, of effective procedures for the purchase and rational use of non-environmentally friendly products.

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