Kubanavia accepts EC145 destined for 2014 Winter Olympics

Kubanavia accepts EC145 destined for 2014 Winter Olympics

12-Nov-2013 Source: Uralhelicom

[Electronic translation] “Ural helicopter company – URALHELICOM”carried out the acceptance helicopter EC145 Eurocopter , which took place at the plant Eurocopter in the German town of Donauwörth. Customer helicopter was the government of Krasnodar region in the face of KSU QC “Kubanavia” in preparation for the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014.

The new EC145 presented in VIP configuration and will be used for the carriage of passengers and dignitaries, including the governor of the Krasnodar region. A distinctive feature of the helicopter is that it can be transformed into a medical professional version with additional equipment. Thus, if necessary, EC145 will be used to provide emergency medical care or advice.

EC 145 – one of the most popular helicopters in the middle class. It is an upgraded version of the proven multi-BK-117 helicopter.When you modify the Eurocopter EC 145 received a rotor with an optimized profile and updated avionics, as well as significantly increased passenger cabin. The spacious interior, the presence of the side and rear doors, no walls provide ample opportunities for a variety of layouts passenger cabin.

The helicopter is available in different versions with a complete set, focused on the implementation of a wide range of applications – from transportation of VIP-passengers to carry out medical and rescue operations. Low noise level allows the use of a helicopter in an urban setting.

Recall that at the end of 2012. “Ural helicopter company -URALHELICOM “has supplied a helicopter for medical equipment ES135, Eurocopter also for the needs of the government of the Krasnodar Territory. The helicopter is equipped accessory, improving its performance characteristics and increases safety, such as avionics suite that allows you to operate the helicopter in bad weather, the system trosorubov, systems to prevent collisions with the ground and in the air, weather radar and much more.

Once again, we want to thank the Government of the Krasnodar Territory and the KSU QC “Kubanavia” for their confidence in the Ural helicopter company in the implementation of the delivery.


Test flown as D-HADC, we understand this is serial 9631 and will fly in Russia as RA-07255

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