2013 Fatal helicopter accident statistics

2013 Fatal helicopter accident statistics

7-Jan-2014 Source: HeliHub.com

HeliHub.com publishes what we believe to be the most comprehensive helicopter accident information available on the internet.  We do not vouch for completeness – and indeed we regularly add more data for both recent and historical events – but from the feedback we receive from our readers, we are confident that we provide a very comprehensive repository of helicopter safety data.

In 2013, we recorded a total of 122 fatal accidents, sadly involving the loss of 362 lives.  (2012 were 133 and 420 respectively).  These can be split into

  • Military – 33 accidents and 125 lives (3.8 per accident)  – 2012 figures were 50, 246 and 4.9 respectively
  • Civil – 89 accidents and 237 lives (2.7 per accident).   – 2012 figures were 83, 174 and 2.1 respectively

While some of these are from warzones, we acknowledge that there are some accidents in areas of conflict which go unreported, or insufficient information is available for us to file the details accurately and/or completely.  In short, the figures could be a little higher – and we would expect these to be military.

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