Global Military, Parapublic and Commercial Helicopter Systems Market Assessment

Global Military, Parapublic and Commercial Helicopter Systems Market Assessment

16-Jan-2014 Source: Research and Markets

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Global Military, Parapublic and Commercial Helicopter Systems Market Assessment” report to their offering.

This global research service on helicopter systems is broken down into three end-user segments which are military, parapublic, and commercial end users.

The report provides analyses of helicopter avionics, mission systems, vehicle systems, and weapon systems at the regional level for Africa, Asia-Pacific, Central Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and North America and at end-user segments though platform new procurements and existing platform upgrades. Overall, this study covers 136 countries and the forecast period is 2013 to 2022, with 2012 as base year. From a competitive perspective, leading systems OEMs are assessed through their primary programs and performance.

Key Questions This Study Will Answer

  • Is the systems market for military helicopters growing and at what rate?
  • What is the best market potential for mission systems across the parapublic helicopter market?
  • What are the main programs for helicopter systems by regions?
  • Will platform upgrades and modernisation drive new opportunities for adopting new systems for commercial helicopters ?
  • What the key priorities and preferences of end users?
  • Which trends will shape the future of situational awareness?

Summary of Key Findings

  • Situational awareness is the cornerstone of helicopter systems, significantly driving end users’ choices and is used as a key decision factor, not only when integrating avionics, but also for mission and weapon systems.
  • End users perceive systems as a game-changer, enabling them to increase platform performance endurance and payload, hence broadening mission ranges and financial efficiency.
  • Flight safety improvements through systems is key, notably with recent enhanced visual systems and new navigation displays.
  • End users and institutions remain cautious on the actual benefits provided by the above avionics as there is no significant evidence of reduced accident rates.
  • Lessons from the Kosovo, Iraqi, Afghan, and Libyan wars, plus growing homeland security challenges are sustaining market demand for defensive protection suites and electronic warfare capabilities.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Executive Summary

2. Market Overview

3.Total Helicopter Systems Market

  • External Challenges: Drivers and Restraints
  • Forecast and Trends
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Macro Trend Analysis

4. Segment Breakdown

  • Military Helicopter Systems Segment Breakdown
  • Parapublic Helicopter Systems Segment Breakdown
  • Commercial Helicopter Systems Segment Breakdown

5. Regional Breakdowns

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • Central Asia
  • Asia-Pacific

6. Conclusion and Strategic Recommendations

7. The Last Word

8. Appendix

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