FLYIT Simulators celebrate 13th year of FAA-approved Helicopter Simulator

FLYIT Simulators celebrate 13th year of FAA-approved Helicopter Simulator

30-Apr-2014 Source: FLYIT Simulators

FLYIT Simulators Inc. is celebrating the 13th year of FAA authorization of its Professional Helicopter Simulator allowing 7.5 hours to be logged towards VFR flight time.  FLYIT Professional Helicopter Simulators have been used since 2001 for effective and safe hover training.  Student pilots can learn to hover real helicopters in 1 or 2 hours by hover training in a FLYIT Professional Helicopter Simulator, as opposed to the 10 to 20 hours it can take them to learn by doing all of their hover training in the real helicopter.  As a result, students save money and begin their training in a safe, realistic environment.  The operator also benefits by having fewer hours and less maintenance on their aircraft with a profit-generating business tool that will earn two to three times more net profit than the training aircraft.


FLYIT Helicopter Simulators combine large FLYIT “Ground Reference Out the Window Views” with FLYIT Technology Advanced Flight Motion System to create a superior sense of motion compared to other FTD’s on the market.  The FLYIT PHS accomplishes this while staying within the 150 millisecond transport delay which is required by the FAA for part 61 and part 141 training operations to log the maximum simulator training credits.

FLYIT helicopter simulators incorporate a stick shaker that lets the pilot feel rotor vibration in addition to FLYIT technology that allows the pilot to actually feel the skids touch down.  FLYIT’s combination of these and other features results in the most effective transfer of learning in an ATD.


Many safety issues like inadvertent entry into IMC conditions require the development of solid decision making skills by the pilot.  These safety skill sets can all be acquired in FLYIT simulators.  FLYIT simulators are used for the training of most emergency procedures including the chain of events leading to inadvertent entry into IMC conditions, engine failure, tail rotor failure, avionics failures, and more.  More than 30 failures and emergency procedures can be initiated by the instructor.


PHS simulators include a Jeppesen database with over 25,000 airports.  Each FLYIT Professional Helicopter Simulator comes with 9 different flight models and the ability to change between a standard cyclic and the Robinson style T cyclic.  The flight models included are R22, R44, R66, Schweizer 300, Enstrom 280FX, Bell 206, Bell 407, MD500, and AS 350B2.  All V-numbers in each flight model match those in the Pilots Operating Handbook for each aircraft.

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