Carter’s PAV-II on display at HAI-HELI-CENTER during AirVenture 2014

Carter’s PAV-II on display at HAI-HELI-CENTER during AirVenture 2014

29-Jul-2014 Source: Carter

Carter Aviation Technologies, LLC (Carter) of Wichita Falls, TX, is pleased to announce that they will showcase their newest, most refined, Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) at the HAI-HELI-CENTER® on the AirVenture grounds

Twenty years in the making, Carter’s 2nd generation PAV (PAV-II) is cleaner, greener, and safer than any existing vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft ever conceived. Carter’s proven Slowed-Rotor / Compound (SR/C™) technology results in a smooth, quiet ride, while burning 1/3 the fuel (1/3 the carbon footprint) of a comparable helicopter at 1/2 the acquisition and direct operating cost. The PAV-II offers a point-to-point transportation solution that provides 200 mph cruise on 300hp. This environmentally-friendly performance is coupled with the safest air vehicle configuration ever produced.

Carter’s PAV-II makes an autorotational landing every time it lands. With rotor energy 5 times greater than a similarly sized helicopter, the PAV-II makes a smooth, quiet touch down time after time with no power to the rotor. Consequently, if its single engine ever experiences an engine failure, the pilot simply performs a normal landing! No other VTOL platform offers the combination of high efficiency, high cruise performance, low acquisition and direct operating cost, in a configuration that provides unprecedented safety.

“HAI President and CEO, Matt Zuccaro, said, “We are excited to have Carter Aviation’s PAV-II join us at the HAI-HELI-CENTER.

The growth of the vertical lift industry depends on the inventive genius of individuals and corporations who are willing to test the limits of current technology to provide more efficient and safer products for our future marketplace. Carter’s decades of development work has evolved into a unique answer to a historical quest – how to combine VTOL with the speed and efficiency of a fixed-wing aircraft.

About Carter Aviation Technologies, LLC.

Carter Aviation is a Wichita Falls, Texas based aerospace research and development firm that has developed and demonstrated its Slowed-Rotor/Compound (SR/C™) Technology. More information is available at To discuss any of the foregoing or schedule a visit to Carter Aviation’s facilities, please contact Jon Tatro at

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