FAA approves Cool City Avionics autopilot STC on R44

FAA approves Cool City Avionics autopilot STC on R44

18-Sep-2014 Source: CCA

Cool City Electronics, Inc., dba Cool City Avionics, a manufacturer of low cost, professional-grade automatic flight guidance and control systems and stability augmentation systems is pleased to announce that it has received FAA Supplemental Type Certificate SR09645RC for the installation of its family of six autopilots in Robinson R-44 helicopters.

The new family, the first to be approved under the new FAA TSO-C198 and RTCA MOPS-325, includes the HAP-100 2-axis autopilot, the HAP-150 3-axis autopilot, the HFC-100 2-axis autopilot with SCAS, the HFC-150 3-axis autopilot with SCAS and the HFC-150-LE and HAP-150-LE that add an orbit mode specifically designed for law enforcement and electronics news gathering helicopters.

These new products are the first professional-grade, certified autopilots that are affordable for installation in small to medium-sized helicopters, with introductory prices ranging from $34,995 to $67,995, plus installation kit and installation.

“It was important to select the Robinson R44 for our first STC, since it is a very popular small helicopter with large populations in many countries that use it in a wide variety of activities. The whole experience of flight benefits from the use of an autopilot,” said Jim Irwin, President/CEO. “Up until now, there were no affordably-priced, full-function autopilots available for the R44, or the other small to medium-sized helicopters,” he added.

Complete information about the new autopilots and other products is available on the company website at: www.CoolCityAvionics.com/products/.

Cool City Avionics has been developing and flight testing its family of light weight, full function, professional-grade digital automatic flight guidance control systems, stability augmentation systems, and force trim systems since 2004. The company’s derivative flight control systems for airplanes are now in development with planned availability in 2015.

About Cool City Avionics

Cool City Avionics develops and manufactures modern, innovative automatic flight guidance and control systems (AFGCS) for helicopters and airplanes. Our management team has more than 300 years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of AFGCS products, many of which still retain a majority market share after almost 30 years. For more information about the company and its products, please visit: www.CoolCityAvionics.com.

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