Whirly-Girls celebrate with 2014 scholarships for women helicopter pilots and 60th anniversary logo contest

Whirly-Girls celebrate with 2014 scholarships for women helicopter pilots and 60th anniversary logo contest

1-Oct-2014 Source: Whirly Girls

Whirly-Girls International celebrates 60 years of supporting women in the rotorcraft industry with their 2014 round of scholarships and a call for a diamond anniversary commemorative logo design.

“We offer women pilots many scholarships that advance individual knowledge for rotorcraft pilots,” said Dianna Stanger, president of Whirly-Girls International. “Whirly-Girls International is also offering a Helicopter Add-On Flight Training Scholarship, for female pilots rated in aircraft other than helicopters.”

According to Stanger, many members become Whirly-Girls for the scholarships available and to take advantage of benefits including educational material and networking. The very specialized group and events such as Heli-Expo also offer opportunities to learn and grow. The organization is awarding the largest amount of scholarships in its history for female rotorcraft pilots. The 2014 scholarships are available to Whirly-Girl who joined before 31 March 2014, and must be submitted before 15 October 2014; however, similar scholarships are awarded yearly.

“We are also issuing a call for a special diamond anniversary commemorative logo design,” said Stanger. “The winning entry will receive a $450 prize and we will use the new logo to highlight our 60th anniversary next year.”

2014 Whirly-Girls Scholarships:

1) Agricultural Air Services, Inc., Flight Training Scholarship – In memory of WG#1520 Karen Johnson, who died on Jan. 2, 2013, while frost flying, the scholarship is designed to give a Whirly-Girl an introduction to the skills required for low-level flying and an understanding frost flying techniques.

2) Erickson Air Crane Vertical Reference/External Load Flight Training Scholarship – Foremost authority on vertical reference and external load training. Training will be at Western Helicopters in Rialto, California.

3) Airbus Flight Training Scholarship – This scholarship is for an AS350 turbine transition course at the Airbus Factory School in Grand Prairie, Texas.

4) The R22/R44 Safety Course Scholarship – Designed to provide a Whirly-Girl currently flying Robinson helicopters the opportunity to attend the safety course at the Robinson helicopter facility in Torrance, California.

5) The R22/R44 Maintenance Course – Designed to support a Whirly-Girl with a maintenance background and an interest in pursuing a maintenance career with training at the Robinson helicopters facility in California.

6) Flight Safety International Bell 206 Initial Pilot Scholarship – This program includes initial-type training, recurrent training, and inadvertent IMC training using the world’s first Bell 206 FAA level-7 qualified flight training device (FTD). Two scholarships awarded.

7) Western Helicopters Advanced Mountain Flight Training Scholarship – This scholarship is provided in memory of WG#1339 Keiko Minakata and is designed to teach skills related to flying in turbulence, rugged terrain, and landing zone selection.

8) Survival Systems USA Aircraft Ditching Course Scholarship – Located in Groton, Connecticut, Survival Systems provides two scholarships to teach pilots the knowledge and skills necessary to react safely to an aircraft ditching emergency.

9) Whirly-Girls Memorial Flight Training Scholarship – This scholarship is given in memory of our founder, WG#13 Jean Ross Howard Phelan, her husband Jim Phelan, and WG#84 Doris Mullen, who lost her life in a fixed wing accident in 1968. It offers up to $8,000 for any Whirly-Girl to upgrade her current rating at a school of her choice.

10) Whirly-Girls Helicopter Add-On Flight Training Scholarship – Designed for female pilots rated in aircraft other than helicopters, this scholarship provides assistance for a rated female pilot in earning her add-on helicopter rating.

11) Air Evac Lifeteam Bell 206 Initial Training Scholarship – Air Evac provides a scholarship for initial Bell 206 training at the Bell Helicopter training facility.

12) Aviation Specialties Unlimited Initial Night Vision Goggle Flight Training Scholarship – This scholarship provides a logbook endorsement, classroom and flight training in Boise, Idaho.

Download the scholarship application from http://www.whirlygirls.org/wg-scholarships, and submit applications to WG#1207 Charlotte Hildebrand, VP of Scholarships, at wgvpsch@whirlygirls.org.

60th Anniversary Logo Contest

Whirly-Girls International will celebrate their Diamond Anniversary in 2015 and have a call out for a new special 60th anniversary logo for the organization.

“We are looking for a logo that symbolizes what Whirly-Girls means to our members,” said Stanger. “Contest information, prize, and submission link are posted on the Whirly-Girls contest webpage (http://www.whirlygirls.org/da-competition).” Submissions for the logo contest will be accepted into October with selection made by October 31, 2014. You must register on the contest site to participate and can do so in the submission process at no charge.”

About Whirly-Girls International

Jean Ross Howard Phelan, Whirly-Girl #13, founded Whirly-Girls in 1955. In hopes of developing an organization where female pilots could share information and camaraderie, she was one of 13 charter members representing women helicopter pilots from France, Germany and the United States. As of 2011, there are over 1900 registered members representing 44 countries. Whirly-Girls International is an official affiliate member of the Helicopter Association International.

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