Helicopter Accident Attorneys Launch New Site Section Focused on Crash Victims’ Rights

Helicopter Accident Attorneys Launch New Site Section Focused on Crash Victims’ Rights

6-Oct-2014 Source: The Lambert Firm

The Lambert Firm recently launched a new section of its website to better assist helicopter accident victims and their families.

“These incredibly complex machines are being used more and more, from the healthcare industry to the tourism industry to the offshore oil and gas industry,” said Hugh P. Lambert, law firm founder and Louisiana helicopter accident lawyer. “We have seen several devastating accidents in recent years involving crews being transported to offshore drilling rigs. Choppers are used daily in taking crews and supplies to and from shore. Maritime and offshore workers know their jobs carry risks, but many don’t realize just how much danger they are in while simply being taken to the job site and back.”

The new section of the New Orleans accident attorney site can be found online atwww.thelambertfirm.com/personal-injury/helicopter-accidents. Highlights include informational pages related to different aspects of helicopter accidents that happen in Louisiana and throughout the Gulf Coast region, including:

Offshore Helicopter Accidents
What Causes Helicopter Accidents
Common Helicopter Accident Injuries
I Have Been Hurt While Being Transported to an Oil Rig, What Do I Do
What are my rights if I have been injured in a helicopter crash while working offshore

It’s not just offshore workers who are at risk of injury. Chopper crash injuries can happen during air ambulance trips, sightseeing adventures, on news helicopters, and more.

“Aviation accidents involving helicopters have been on the rise in recent years,” Lambert said. “Many victims and the families who have lost loved ones in these deadly accidents don’t know that they have legal rights. We want to give them hope during a dark time and offer all the assistance we can by providing solid information and experienced legal representation.”

About The Lambert Firm
New Orleans-based The Lambert Firm has been fighting for the legal rights of accident victims in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast region for more than 35 years. As a New Orleans aviation accident law firm, they work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they collect no fees until their client’s case is won.

The firm also handles all types of personal injury cases, from car and truck accident claims to product liability and e-cigarette injury cases. They also have experience helping clients with whistleblower claims and business law needs.

If you’ve been injured or a loved one killed in a Gulf Coast helicopter accident, contact The Lambert Firm today to learn your rights.

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