AWI Expands Next Generation LLWAS

AWI Expands Next Generation LLWAS

14-Nov-2014 Source: AWI

Since its inception in the 1970’s, Low Level Wind Shear Alert System (LLWAS) technology has continued to improve, allowing pilots to safely navigate through volatile weather. With each generation, enhancements in accuracy and reporting provide greater safeguards against disaster and All Weather Inc. (AWI) is committed to the continued improvement of this life-saving technology.

AWI’s latest LLWAS release combines the world’s most advanced sensor array, the latest Phase-III algorithm and a powerful system for air traffic management information integration and display, using FlexIDS.

AWI uses the latest in ultrasonic wind sensor technology to create the most advanced anemometer array available today. Our high-accuracy, FAA certified sensors create an unsurpassed detection array that feeds accurate, real-time information into the LLWAS’s central processor.

Once the wind measurements reach the central processor, field tested and proven UCAR Phase-III algorithms are applied to generate warnings for gust fronts, microbursts, vertical shear, and derechos.

Unlike any other stand-alone LLWAS products, AWI uses the power of the integrated display system FlexIDS to provide a fully integrated and customizable LLWAS solution. When divergent winds are detected, wind shear and microburst warnings are made available to controllers in every position on the network, from the radar approach control facility to the control tower, where customizable views, audible alerts, and visual alerts are presented for that individual or group.

This modern, unmatched approach to data dissemination also allows wind shear and microburst alerts to interact with other systems such as ATIS, AWOS, and local Doppler Radar for the most accurate and timely reporting of weather conditions.

For more information about AWI’s advanced LLWAS and additional product offerings, visit our LLWAS product page.

About AWI

AWI is a leading developer of high accuracy, high dependability integrated display and weather information systems – systems that help users minimize risks in an unpredictable world. Offerings include the FlexIDS integrated display system, AWOS aviation weather systems, RVR runway visual range systems, and a wide range of other leading meteorological sensors and systems, including AWI’s patented forward scatter visibility sensors.

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