Starspeed buys two Bauertech GL3 PAPIs

Starspeed buys two Bauertech GL3 PAPIs

5-Dec-2014 Source: Starspeed

Starspeed has boosted its capability for landing within private grounds with a £30,000 investment in new landing equipment.

The two GL3 Portable Approach Path Indicators from Bauertech are a key safety aid for pilots landing on improvised sites.

“By continuing to invest in our safety management systems and managing the risk involved in off-airfield landings, we can provide our clients with even greater flexibility and opportunities for their aircraft,” says Simon Mitchell, Starspeed Director.

Starspeed is at the forefront of improving safety management systems within the helicopter industry. As well as investing in the latest equipment to help reduce risk, it is currently in the process of developing specialist courses that focus upon operating increasingly automated cockpits and for deck landings on superyachts.

The GL3 Portable Approach Path Indicators are single weatherproof units that house two single colour projectors. These are synchronized to produce three indicators visible to the approaching aircraft: High, Correct and Low signals – relative to the chosen flight path. Night brightness and accuracy is comparable to fixed airport systems such as PAPI or APAPI.

“This is a practical investment for us,” explains Simon Mitchell.  “Our clients’ time is valuable and they expect a first-class, safe and discreet service from Starspeed.  The GL3 is an ingenious piece of equipment which makes us better placed to provide clients with tailor-made, time-saving and, most importantly, safer options for landing on a variety of different sites.”

Starspeed Ltd. is the largest helicopter management, charter and training company in Europe. It presently operates 15 aircraft and is one of the oldest privately owned firms within the onshore market.

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