AgustaWestland “Service Excellence” Project Delivers Improved Customer Service

AgustaWestland “Service Excellence” Project Delivers Improved Customer Service

3-Mar-2015 Source: AgustaWestland

AgustaWestland introduced significant changes in 2014 to its Customer Support and Training services as the first of three stages of its “Service Excellence” project, part of the Company Vision revolving around the “ThinkCustomer” ethos. The first stage is now complete with the second and third stages to be implemented in 2015.

Excellence is being pursued in preventive maintenance optimisation, scheduling improvement and includes improvements in material delivery, more value delivered by AgustaWestland products and top class advanced services. The “Service Excellence” project is spanning support and training delivery performance and the way it is offered to customers, from the way operating costs are reduced to the last logistic step to deliver a spare part to the customers. This project encompasses not only the Customer Support and Training function but all all company functions across the three macro-geographies (Italy, USA and UK) and more than 300 managers and specialists.

The project exploration stage took place between April and June 2014 with more than 40 customers dedicating time in assisting the company map their needs, and providing valuable suggestions into the improvements that are now being implemented. Customers are already benefitting from AgustaWestland’s improved ability to meet delivery dates for all commercial aircraft models.

The company is heavily investing in improvements to supply chain and manufacturing plants with the results of this being reflected in meeting the Delivery Schedule Adherence (DSA) commitments made to the customers, improving in incremental steps in the coming months. Through these improvements, AgustaWestland continues to maintain its top class 24/7 AOG support from the three Fleet Operation Centres located in Italy, US and UK. This guarantees 24 hour delivery time at its gates for all AOGs. DSA on urgent orders has increased to 75% and is being formalised and published in a new Service Policy for civil operators of AW109/119/139 and AW189 models. By 2015 year end, AgustaWestland anticipates a further major step forward with an increase of delivery performance to above 90% DSA.

A corresponding new service offering based on the Service Policy guarantees performance levels along with cost control and predictability. The level of performance will continue to improve as all high rotation parts are now delivered in 12 days for commercial aircraft models and will reach to 6 days during 2015.

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