Rotortrade USA initiates partnership with Helinet Aviation Services by providing two pre-owned AW 109 E helicopters

Rotortrade USA initiates partnership with Helinet Aviation Services by providing two pre-owned AW 109 E helicopters

12-Mar-2015 Source: Rotortrade

Rotortrade Services is pleased to announce the delivery of two AW 109 E pre-owned helicopters to Helinet Aviation Services, a Los Angeles-based diversified flight services provider, who will partner with Rotortrade USA in the US second hand helicopters market.

Aircrafts provided by Rotortrade USA will expand Helinet Aviation’s fleet of AW 109 E helicopters. They were acquired last November by Helinet Aviation from Rotortrade Services, the exclusive distributor of AgustaWestland second hand helicopters worldwide.

Recognized as one of the industry’s most powerful and versatile helicopters in its class, the twin-engine AW 109 supports numerous mission profiles including VIP transport, emergency medical flights, offshore helicopter operations and law enforcement.

Rotortrade Services is proud to partner with Helinet Aviation, a major helicopter transportation services provider who operates a world-class helicopter training facility, for the training of pilots across a broad range of aircrafts. Rotortrade Services plans to expand into the North-American market, through its subsidiary Rotortrade USA LLC, and through key partnerships with major aviation services providers like Helinet Aviation.

About Helinet Aviation Services

Helinet Aviation Services is an international provider of aviation services to a diversity of markets. Founded in 1987 and based in Van Nuys, California, the company serves clients in the broadcasting, government, law enforcement, medical, motion picture and transportation industries. Helinet is online at

About Rotortrade Services LLC

Rotortrade USA LLC is a subsidiary of Rotortrade Services, a global helicopter brokerage based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Rotortrade Services works closely with all major aircraft manufacturers, and is since 2013 the exclusive distributor of Agusta Westland second hand helicopters worldwide. In addition to selling pre-owned helicopters, the company offers related services, from pre-purchase inspections to airworthiness and maintenance management. Know more about Rotortrade on

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