Zip Aviation Announces Advancements in Helicopter Charter Flight Experience

Zip Aviation Announces Advancements in Helicopter Charter Flight Experience

3-Jun-2015 Source: Zip Aviation Helicopter Charters

Zip Aviation has announced new upgrades and benefits to customers flying their helicopter charters.

Advanced Service – Now with helicopter charter flights, passengers can expect first-class service like they would receive on a jet. Top A-list celebrities, CEOs, socialites, and business executives expect nothing less, so Zip Aviation responded. A dollar goes a lot further these days with luxury charter helicopter companies competing for business. Just like the charter jet companies, they are rolling out the red carpets and offering clients VIP lounges with leather couches and wireless service to relax. Passengers traveling in a large group need not be concerned about size because their new, large capacity helicopters can handle it. Last week, Zip Aviation Helicopter Charters flew 450 passengers from Rhode Island to New York City. Check out this social media picture of the entire helicopter fleet lined up and waiting. Whether customers are looking for a romantic helicopter charter over the city, a group getaway to the vineyards, or a family fun weekend in the Hamptons, Zip Aviation’s fleet can accommodate.

Improved User Experience – With helicopter charter flights, anticipate an ideal user experience. In addition to concierge-level service, the overall user experience is what matters most to them. From the second a passenger makes their initial phone call to the moment their pilots land, they should be satisfied with every detail of the experience. Customers are greeted formally and escorted to a luxury helicopter by their personal concierge or pilot. If they arrive early, they have the option to relax in a VIP lounge with access to wi-fi, beverages, and an assortment of magazines and newspapers while waiting for their aircraft. All bags are handled with the utmost care, and flights depart promptly on time. All Zip passengers are offered Bose noise-canceling headphones, comfy leather seats, and large tinted windows for their viewing pleasure. Friendly pilots will adhere to discretion and privacy while they fly safely to their destination on time. The group will feel comfortable and safe knowing every detail was considered. These factors account for each overall user experience, and helicopter charter companies like Zip Aviation are paying big bucks to improve it.

Added Convenience – With helicopter charter flights, look forward to getting there fast. Zip Aviation just shelled out millions to purchase the most state-of–the-art luxury turbine helicopter fleet. Their new Bell 407GX is the fastest, most luxurious model in the industry with advanced glass cockpits, reduced noise, leather interior, iPads, Bose headphones, larger seats, floor-to-ceiling windows, and more overall room. It is also classified as one of the safest helicopters due to advanced instrument systems that reduce workload for pilots. Passengers can expect shorter flight times to their vacation destinations with access to private landing locations. Zip Aviation helicopters can land almost anywhere with consent from the property owner. Skip the runways, airports, traffic, and long drives to the Hamptons by helicopter flight in 30 minutes.

New Lower Pricing – With helicopter charter flights, passengers won’t expect to burn a hole in their wallet. Charter jet flights costing $5,000 plus and helicopter flights ranging $2,000 or more can now be found for a mere $700 one-way including all fees. If customers are willing to share a helicopter with other affluent passengers, they can snag a great deal. Luxury helicopter charter companies are now offering special per-seat pricing on shared charters to the Hamptons, Atlantic City, and more Northeastern getaways. Charter operators are also offering airport transfers and helicopter commutes to the city for as low as $199 per seat. Deals like this give the Average Joe a chance to rub elbows with the big wigs. Lastly, passengers can check out local empty legs that get them to their destination for half price.

Advanced Safety – Zip Aviation boasts a flawless safety rating. Passenger safety is their main priority, so they employ the most-experienced pilot crew and operate highly-maintained aircraft. In addition, all aircraft are equipped with traffic warning systems, low-terrain warning systems, anti-icing systems, GPS navigation, life jackets, and flotation devices on the skids. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)’s accident database reports that only two helicopter companies in New York City can accurately claim a clean flight safety record with no accidents; Zip Aviation and Manhattan Helicopters.

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