VIH Aerospace Delivers Rejuvenated Bell 205 to HeliMax Aviation

VIH Aerospace Delivers Rejuvenated Bell 205 to HeliMax Aviation

10-Jun-2015 Source: VIH

VIH Aerospace (VIHA –, a leading provider of helicopter maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services has delivered its latest custom helicopter paint job on a Bell 205 for its US-based customer Helimax Aviation on June 1st, 2015. Helimax Aviation ( specializes in providing a variety of aerial support services including passenger transport; forestry firefighting and long-line lift operations.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to undertake this paint job on behalf of Helimax Aviation. This project included a complete paint scheme and color change, which entailed mechanically and chemically stripping the entire helicopter down to the bare metal, followed by a comprehensive inspection of all external panels and cowlings. Once completed, detailed body work and body fill were performed to ensure that our paint team had an unblemished surface to apply paint.

The final product speaks for itself – this is an in-house custom paint job; delivered at a very high standard and on budget,” explains Arne Arneson, General Manager of VIH Aerospace.

In addition to the complete strip and painting of the Helimax Aviation Bell 205, VIH Aerospace also performed major structural improvements and repairs including installation of a BLR FastFin® and replacement of the helicopter’s damaged ‘horse collar.’

VIH Aerospace has extensive experience delivering premium quality standard and custom paint jobs on a variety of fixed with aircraft from its Victoria, British Columbia facilities. Aircraft types range from Cessna 150s up to a variety of Bell medium, Airbus AS30 / AS355, Kamov and Sikorsky S61 and S92 helicopter models. Arneson elaborates, stating that the ability and desire to meet specific requirements is a key deliverable for VIH Aerospace, and that every project is individually tailored to accommodate operator preferences and budget.

VIHA offers a comprehensive suite of services including:

aircraft refurbishment/completions, structural repair, component overhaul, paint, avionics and electrical installations, modification and upgrades, scheduled inspections, product engineering, Supplemental Type Certificate Development and parts/special operations equipment sales.

Aircraft types supported by VIHA include:

•Bell Helicopter 205/206/212/407/222/230
•Sikorsky S-61 and S-92
•Airbus AS350

About VIH Aerospace

VIH Aerospace services include airframe & component MRO, Engineering & Design, Fabrication & Refurbishment, Avionics & Electrical & Non-Destructive Testing; all performed to Original Equipment Manufacturer specification and in accordance to aviation industry regulatory bodies and organizations.

A complete overview of VIHA capabilities can be viewed at

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