FAA certifies Onboard Systems Non-Rotating hooks for Bell 204, 205, 212 and 412

FAA certifies Onboard Systems Non-Rotating hooks for Bell 204, 205, 212 and 412

7-Dec-2015 Source: Onboard Systems

Onboard Systems International, Inc., a leading provider of innovative helicopter cargo hook equipment, today announced that its non-rotating cargo hook kits for the Bell 204, 205, 212 and 412 aircraft have been STC certified by the FAA. Onboard will also submit these systems to Transport Canada and EASA for certification in Canada and Europe, respectively.

These robust, sleek and lightweight suspension systems are manufactured using stainless steel and aluminum components and feature the reliable and user-friendly TALON® MC Keeperless Cargo Hook. They are also the first cargo hook kits to feature Onboard’s new Surefire™ cargo hook release technology option. The Surefire circuit requires a purposeful, half-second press against the hook release button to guard against inadvertent releases caused by accidental contact with the release button during flight.

“We’ve had a number of customer requests for a non-rotating hook for these Bell aircraft over the years,” said Karsten Lemmon, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Onboard Systems. “These new cargo hook systems are designed specifically for operators whose external load missions require non-rotating loads, such as back burning, fertilizer spreading, and firefighting, to name a few. Between the simplified design, reduced total part count, and extended service intervals, we are confident that our non-rotating cargo hook kits will be well-received by external load operators of these Bell aircraft.”

Onboard’s non-rotating cargo hook systems are designed to reduce ongoing maintenance expenses and lifetime cost of ownership as compared to previous designs. The cargo hook kits feature stainless steel tension straps instead of the cables used on other non-rotating cargo systems. The straps are easier to inspect than cables, which tend to fail in fatigue from the inside out under torsion. The stainless steel straps share the load equally, regardless of the amount of twist in the suspension system, increasing load safety and product longevity. In addition, the manual and electrical release cables are routed within a rugged conduit for maximum protection, and the low-friction bumper ring results in less twisting as the bumper contacts the airframe, reducing torque inputs to the hardpoint.

In addition to the Surefire option, there are also kit options for an integrated Onboard Weighing System, which allows pilots to instantly know the weight of the cargo on the hook, reducing the risk of overload airframe stress and helps the pilot make more informed aircraft loading decisions. An optional NVG backlighting system for the cockpit indicator is available as well.

About Onboard Systems

Onboard Systems International, Inc. designs and manufactures a complete line of innovative helicopter cargo hook equipment under its TALON® brand, including belly hooks, cargo hook suspension systems, Onboard Weighing Systems and remote hooks. Its low-weight, high quality products provide helicopter operators with increased cost efficiencies and safety through customer-driven designs, responsive service and support, and low ongoing maintenance costs. Onboard Systems maintains a rigorous quality management system (QMS) designed to meet or exceed the strict requirements of AS9100 Revision C, ISO 9001:2008, helicopter airframe manufacturers, and the FAA. Founded in 1975, Onboard Systems is a privately held US corporation located in Vancouver, Washington.

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