Heli UK Expo works with UK industry for mutual benefit

Heli UK Expo works with UK industry for mutual benefit

17-Dec-2015 Source: Heli UK Expo

The second ‘Heli UK Leaders Round Table’ discussion took place at Sywell Aerodrome on 10th December 2015

The gathering involved Industry experts from the UK Helicopter Industry for a leaders round table discussion. The informal, off the record meeting was facilitated by Heli UK Expo & Avbuyer.

The aim of the discussion was to raise points on the issues and challenges facing the UK Rotorcraft Industry and the ways in which Heli UK Expo, as an event platform, can assist the industry.

In summary as ‘The UK’s Only Fly In Helicopter Event, Heli UK Expo can assist in changing external perceptions of the industry by demonstrating the everyday productivity and positive use of helicopters. The event can also provide expert advice on career opportunities for future pilots & engineers whilst also introducing appropriate key event features to ensure a great experience to its core consumer target audience.

We would like to thank all the participants for attending the event and for their valuable feedback.

Further developments for the Heli UK Expo will be announced in the New Year. Make sure not to miss any by subscribing to www.heliukexpo.com/news

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