AgustaWestland name disappears

AgustaWestland name disappears

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AgustaWestland parent company Finmeccanica have surprised most industry observers by getting rid of the AgustaWestland name – with group chief Mauro Moretti announcing that all companies will be renamed with the Finmeccanica name. The formal launch of the corporate and legal activities in preparation for implementation of the group’s new organizational and operational model dates back to July 2015.  From 1 January 2016, the activities of the companies operating in the core business areas of aerospace, defence and security are currently 100% owned by Finmeccanica (Selex ES, AgustaWestland, Alenia Aermacchi, OTO Melara and Whitehead Underwater Systems) will be delivered through specific divisions.  The formal press release is here.

AgustaWestland becomes “Finmeccanica Helicopters”, although the “AW” branding of the helicopter model names remains in place.  The website has already been abandoned (a very odd approach given the way SEO works), and will point visitor directly to – and the content of the old AW site has been lost, apparently temporarily.  Certainly there are many press releases from AW which need loading on to the Finmeccanica site.

Finmeccanica has been heading towards a closer working of its divisions for some time, but the loss of branding of its subsidiaries was a surprise.  The financial merger of divisions will also make the potential disposal of divisions more difficult in the future.

The company had planned to rename their Twitter account from @AgustaWestland to @Finmeccanica-Helicopters until HeliHub pointed out on 30th December that Twitter has a 15 character limit on user IDs.  As we publish this article, the @AgustaWestland userid remains, but the account title has been changed to “FNM Helicopters”, which means nothing to anyone – but reflects the FNM stock exchange code under which the group company trades.  Along with the 15 character limit on Twitter user IDs, there is a 20 character limit on account titles, and “Finmeccanica Helicopters” exceeds that.

How well thought out was this , we wonder?

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