Register Update – United Kingdom – January 2016

Register Update – United Kingdom – January 2016

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This news item is part of the “Register Updates” series, listing helicopters which have been added to a particular national register, removed from it or the listed owner has changed. Our coverage represents the majority of registration and owner changes within the global civilian helicopter fleet. Most updates are weekly or monthly, although some are less frequent.




G-BJGV B212 (31171) FB Heliservices Ltd., Middle Wallop, Hampshire (ex ZJ964)
G-CIWU H369E (0447E) Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Ltd., Shoreham, Wst Sussex (ex OO-SOO)
G-CIXC S269D (0027) Elialpi Helicopters Services Srl., Rivanazzano, Italy (ex N707GP)
G-OESP R44II (12729) Essential Supply Products Ltd., Malvern, Worcs. (ex G-CGND)
G-SWNG EC120B (1532) C.J. Holland, Oxford, Oxon. (ex EC-KQA)


G-BZBU R22B (0131) to USA
G-CDXX R44II (10624) Destroyed – Accident 25-06-2015 Leicester Airport
G-CGND R44II (12729) to G-OESP
G-CGRL R44 (1192) to France
G-CIWR EC225LP (2972) Cancelled by CAA
G-HAVI EC130B4 (3903) to Sweden
G-MARF R44II (11452) to Botswana
G-SMTD AS350B3 (7300) to USA
G-TOLI R44II (12009) to Sweden
G-XELA R44II (11378) to Germany


G-ASXD B2B (435) S. Crossland, Trustee of Brantly G-ASXD Group, Burrington, Devon
G-BKEW B206B (3010) R.J. Palmer, R. Toghill & G. Birchmore, Exeter, Devon
G-BKZI B206B (118) B.H. & E.F. Austen t/a Austen Associates, Oaksey, Wiltshire
G-IORG R22B (1679) P.M. Phillips, Coventry, Warks.
G-JONB R22B (2593) Startrade Heli Gmbh & Co. KG, Siegerland, Germany
G-NELS R44 (1512) Heliwarns Aviation Ltd., Coney Park, West Yorks.
G-OMEM EC120B (1006) SD Helicopters LLP., Liverpool, Merseyside
G-TGTT R44II (10023) Victoria Capital Resources Ltd., Douglas, IoM
G-VCJH R22B (1569) Century Aviation Ltd., Gamston, Notts.
G-VOIP SA341 (1792) E.K. Coventry, Little Warley, Essex
G-WIIZ AB206B (8111) Bradawl Ltd., Dublin, Eire
G-ZZLE SA341 (1402) P.J. Whitaker, S.J. Qardan & A.S. Moorhouse, Bourne Park, Hampshire

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