Garmin Pilot Enhanced For Europe

Garmin Pilot Enhanced For Europe

20-Apr-2016 Source: Garmin

We’re excited to announce new enhancements now available within the Garmin Pilot app for iOS mobile devices. Now pilots flying around the globe, including Europe, have the option of filing VFR flight plans for free directly with the country Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) with a Garmin Pilot subscription. Additional features for iOS include a flight profile view, new VFR charts for the United Kingdom and France, customized personal minimums, preferred runway selection, aera 660 integration and new, cost-effective pricing subscriptions.

Garmin Pilot streamlines pre-flight planning and now flight plan filing within Europe, allowing pilots to file a VFR flight plan within the application direct with the country Aeronautical Information Service (AIS). Rich, interactive maps integrated within Garmin Pilot offer comprehensive coverage throughout Europe, so flight planning is simple. Unique to Garmin Pilot, a radial menu provides easy on-screen access to create user waypoints, navigate direct-to, graphically edit flight plans, view weather conditions and airport information at a glance. Weather radar and satellite imagery throughout Western Europe can be overlaid on the moving map so pilots can easily discern if precipitation or cloud cover will impact a particular flight. METARs, TAFs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, NOTAMs and winds aloft throughout Europe may be displayed graphically as an overlay on the moving map, within the airport information page and as a widget in split-screen mode on an iPad, aiding in the pre-flight planning and VFR flight plan filing processes.

VFR chart coverage within France adds to the list of recent enhancements made within Garmin Pilot. France VFR charts join the recent addition of United Kingdom VFR charts, so pilots can easily reference important information for navigating within these countries under Visual Flight Rules. Garmin Pilot encompasses a library of over 50 VFR and IFR charts throughout Europe, which are geo-referenced so it’s easy to determine aircraft location relative to navigation fixes. Additionally, traffic and weather information overlay on these charts to provide optimal situational awareness.

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