Statoil launches internal investigation into CHC EC225 accident

Statoil launches internal investigation into CHC EC225 accident

19-May-2016 Source: Statoil

The mandate for Statoil’s in-house investigation of the helicopter accident on 29 April is ready. The purpose of the investigation is to identify measures to improve Statoil’s work on helicopter safety on the Norwegian continental shelf.

The Accident Investigation Board Norway is responsible for identifying the chain of events and the cause of the accident.

“The Accident Investigation Board Norway will work on finding the answer to how this accident could happen. To us it is crucial that everyone going offshore to work is confident that we do our utmost to ensure their safety. We are therefore conducting an in-house investigation to identify measures for improving Statoil’s helicopter safety effort,” says chief executive Eldar Sætre.

Statoil’s in-house investigation will look at conditions that can be evaluated irrespective of the Board’s investigation report being ready.

Investigation team deliverables

Statoil’s investigation team will go through the following safety-related aspects of Statoil’s helicopter operations on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS):

  • Statoil’s emergency response efforts following the accident, including interaction with authorities and collaboration partners.
  • Statoil’s organisation and activities related to helicopter services, including roles and responsibilities distributed between Statoil, helicopter operators and other players involved in operation and maintenance of helicopter operations for Statoil on the NCS.
  • How helicopter incidents are followed up by Statoil and the company’s suppliers.

Based on its review the investigation team will present its observations and recommend actions for further improving Statoil’s work on helicopter safety and emergency planning. The investigation report is due to be ready by 30 September 2016, and will be published after this date.

Independent investigations

When the Accident Investigation Board’s investigation report is ready, Statoil will consider how to suitably follow it up. This consideration is not included in the Statoil investigation team’s mandate. Statoil will assist in the Board’s investigation as requested.

CHC will conduct a separate investigation, where Statoil has an observer role. The police are also investigating the accident.

The client for Statoil’s investigation is chief executive officer (CEO) Eldar Sætre. The client’s representative is chief operating officer (COO) Anders Opedal.


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