SB-1 Defiant and V-280 Valor to Fly in 2017

SB-1 Defiant and V-280 Valor to Fly in 2017

26-Sep-2016 Source:

The Joint Multi-Role Technology Demonstration (JMR-TD) will see its first planned flight in 2017 as the two rotorcraft that are currently being built by Sikorsky and Boeing and Bell Helicopters, are well on track. The JMR-TD is an Army project that aims to create advanced vertical-flight designs. Such designs could help replace the Army’s Sikorsky H-60 and the Navy’s MH-60R/S helicopters.

This project was started in 2011 and the aim to have it completed in 2020. The JMR-TD will be complete with two platforms that accommodate four crew members as well as 12 passengers. A self-deployment range of 2100 nautical miles, a speed of over 230 knots and “360 degree situational awareness” reports Sea Power Magazine.

Boeing and Sikorsky are working on the SB-1 Defiant and hope to get their first flight in 2017. The Defiant has a co-axial compound rigid motor, with a composite material fuselage and pusher type tail rotor. Bell Helicopters is currently 65% complete with their V-280 Valor tiltrotor demonstrator craft and also hope to fly in 2017.

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