Russia and India sign Ka226 production agreement

Russia and India sign Ka226 production agreement

18-Oct-2016 Source: Russian Helicopters

The signing of the agreement on creation of the joint venture is part of the Russian-Indian summit, which is taking place in the Indian state of Goa today.  For Russia, the agreement was signed by Russian Helicopters CEO Alexander Mikheev and the head of Rosoboronexport Anatoly Isaikin. Both Russian Helicopters and Rosoboronexport are part of State Corporation Rostec.  The Indian side was represented by the Chairman and Managing Director of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) Suvarna Raju.

The signing of the joint venture marks a new stage of cooperation between Russia and India in the helicopter industry, which was first defined by the intergovernmental agreement between Moscow   and Delhi in December 2015.  In addition, the joint venture will become a pilot project for the Russian-Indian part of the Make in India program, which is implemented by the Indian government.

“The joint venture is certainly a breakthrough project for us, because it fundamentally changes the model of our cooperation within the helicopter industry. India has been one of our most important strategic partners. For the first time we are ready to offer our deep localization of helicopters, including the set up for production of various helicopter components and assemblies. I hope that the Ka-226T assembled in India has a great future in the world market,” said Russian Helicopters CEO Alexander Mikheev.

“The joint venture for local production of Ka-226T is a profoundly new and substantial step in the development of cooperation between India and Russia. The fleet of Russian-made helicopters in India is over 400 units. But this is the first of such large-scale complex agreements for delivery and production of new helicopters in the amount of 200 units, which is fully in line with the Make in India initiative” – said Sergei Chemezov, Rostec CEO. “In addition, over the next 5 years there will be facilities set up for maintenance and servicing of the produced helicopters. Therefore the agreement represents not just a contract for production but for full lifecycle support.”

“The joint venture agreement signing is the result of long time work with our Indian partners. The production of Ka-226Ts is a Russian-Indian project within the framework of the Make in India program and is a logical continuation of great collaboration to create high-tech industries in India. We are proud that we were able to agree on all details on time and thus to launch this project, which, I am sure, has good prospects, “- said General Director of Rosoboronexport Anatoly Isaikin.

Under the terms of the intergovernmental agreement, the joint Russian-Indian enterprise created by Russian Helicopters, JSC Rosoboronexport and India’s HAL Corporation must arrange the localization of production and supply of 200 light multirole Ka-226T for 9 years. The first 60 helicopters will be produced in Russia, and the production of the remaining 140 helicopters is being planned in India.  In addition to the assembly, the agreement provides for maintenance, operation, repairs and technical support cooperation.

The joint venture is set to create facilities for repairs and maintenance of helicopters produced in India in 5 years, and facilities for the overhaul within 7 years after deliveries of the first batch of helicopters.

The light multirole helicopter Ka-226T with a coaxial main rotor system has a maximum takeoff weight of 3.6 tons and up to 1 ton payload. The main distinguishing feature of the helicopter is its modular design.  A passenger cabin can be easily installed onto the Ka-226T, which allows to transport up to 6 people, or it can be replaced with various special equipment modules. The helicopter is characterized by simplicity of operation, high precision hover, excellent maneuverability and handling, easy maintenance, and also by large power capacity and maximum safety.  The Ka-226T’s flight performance characteristics, its reliability and efficiency, as well its advanced technical equipment, such as modern avionics and safety features, have all made it one of the best helicopters in its class.

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