Activist Drone Shot Down at North Dakota Pipeline Site

Activist Drone Shot Down at North Dakota Pipeline Site

25-Oct-2016 Source:

During a protest this Sunday at a North Dakota pipeline construction site, an unmanned drone was shot down after it “came after” a law-enforcement helicopter. The drone, which was operated by one of the protesting activists, put helicopter passengers in fear for their lives reports Washington Times. Due to it’s proximity to a manned aircraft, the drone has been said to be in violation of Federal Aviation Administration rules.

The activists on scene have reported a different story, saying that the drone was a media drone. Questions are being raised as to why a camera would be shot down above the pipeline construction and whether there are secrets they wish to keep unknown to the public. Activists have camped near Cannon Ball, protesting the pipeline that will stretch over four states, 1 172 miles as concerns over the disturbance of sacred burial grounds and cultural sites, as well as water quality.

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