Success for Blade

Success for Blade

4-Nov-2016 Source:

Blade is a helicopter start-up that caters to the elite of the Hamptons. With prices ranging from $494 to $695 for a flight to the Hamptons from Manhattan, or $2, 200 for a one-way flight on their private jet to Miami, they certainly can. Rob Wiesenthal, the CEO and co-founder, works tirelessly to ensure their service is the best of the best.

Rob ensures that the customers are always relaxed, from designing the luxury lounges they wait in, to scoring the music for take-off and landing. He is constantly checking reviews, fixing any eras and trying to run an employee-friendly business. As reported by Business Insider, Blade caters meals for all their employees. Rob thinks back to his previous jobs, Sony and Warner Music Group among the few, and evaluates what didn’t work, what did work and what’s best to bring into the company, ensuring that Blade remains the top of the range service it is. Innovation is key in this company.

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