Helicopter Tours for Waco

Helicopter Tours for Waco

20-Dec-2016 Source: HeliHub.com

Night Flight Concepts has begun BlueSky Helicopter Tours in Waco, Texas. Adam Aldous, Night Flight President, is excited about the tours and what it can offer for tourism in Waco. “This is a chance to expose them to a different view, literally, of where they are,” reports Aldous.

A six month permit was unanimously granted by the Waco City Council for Night Flights to lease 2.8 acres at Austin Avenue as their helipad. Councilman Jim Holmes has said that, “If a lot of people use it and it gets a good buzz, we’ll try to keep it going.” The six month lease will also allow them to evaluate any noise complaints. Aldous will be one of the pilots, flying their new Robinson R44. He has a background of 14 years of military flying experience, reports Waco Trib.

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