Honeywell and Truth Data Monitor Helicopter Health to Improve Safety

Honeywell and Truth Data Monitor Helicopter Health to Improve Safety

20-Dec-2016 Source: Honeywell

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) and Truth Data, a cloud-based flight data monitoring company, are helping helicopter operators improve the safety, performance and efficiency of their helicopters through the use of data. A recently signed memorandum of understanding allows Truth Data to sell Honeywell’s Sky Connect Tracker III system for improved helicopter communications and tracking, and for Honeywell to provide Truth Data services to operators looking to leverage the information produced by their helicopters for smarter, safer operations.

Honeywell provides a broad range of helicopter products including propulsion, avionics and communication systems. These crucial components, along with other key helicopter systems, can now be monitored by Truth Data to provide a comprehensive view of the performance and health of a helicopter.

Previously, systems like this were limited to very large operators that used customized, self-designed data monitoring methods, but with Truth Data’s cloud-based model for data monitoring and analysis along with the ability to pull data from multiple areas of an aircraft, including from Honeywell equipment, access to flight data monitoring, health usage monitoring, and flight operation and quality assurance is more accessible to smaller operators.

The adoption of these data monitoring services also assists many helicopters in meeting key mandates and industry standards for operating in fields like emergency medical services and oil and gas, specifically for the Federal Aviation Administration. Operators in these demanding industries benefit from data monitoring that makes risk and safety assessment a proactive exercise that keeps pilots and their aircraft safe.

Data is more accessible than ever, and Honeywell has created a range of products and services to make the most of these new streams of data, including Sky Connect Tracker III for satellite-based voice, tracking and flight data monitoring, Aspire 200 for communications and high-bandwidth data transmission, vibration monitoring and health and usage monitoring system data analysis, and trend monitoring for engines and auxiliary power units. The recent memorandum of understanding between Honeywell and Truth Data helps the companies work with operators to turn a wealth of information into actionable insights for safer, more efficient aircraft.

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