Heliatica unveils photomapping payload and blind zone cameras for light helicopters

Heliatica unveils photomapping payload and blind zone cameras for light helicopters

5-Mar-2017 Source: Heliatica

A Russian company HELIATICA debuts at Heli-Expo industry show and unveils its new products: the universal geodetic photomapping and monitoring payload and the blind zone video system. Both solutions are designed to fit Robinson R44 and R66, Bell 206 and 407, Airbus Helicopters H120, H125, H130 and AS350 families.

The geodetic mapping and monitoring payload is designed to fit two Sony DSC-RX1 (24MP resolution) photo cameras or one Phase One iXU (50 – 100MP resolution) camera. The system is supplied with GPS/GLONASS geodetic receiver for ultimate geotagging accuracy (up to 5-10 cm) and kneeboard tablet PC for mission planning and execution control. The fully-composite lightweight payload box is resistant to corrosion and fatigue and requires minimum maintenance. 

The payload system is developed by helicopter mission equipment provider HELIATICA (Moscow, Russia) in cooperation with major Russian UAV manufacturer and photogrammetric expert GEOSCAN (St. Petersburg, Russia). The original EASA certification and helicopter integration is supported by Heliswiss Iberica (Barcelona, Spain) with target to validate the solution by FAA and Aviation Register of the Russian Federation. 

“The payload has an open design to fit geotagged photo, video and infrared cameras which the customer chooses based on his specific mission requirements” – says HELIATICA’s general director Tatiana DUSHENKOVA. “Our target was to take the most advanced solutions from UAV industry, develop a really low-cost system for light helicopters and get it certified by EASA, FAA and Russian civil aviation authorities. This solution gives an unmatched flexibility to those geodata providers who mix helicopter and UAV operations as the payload perfectly fits most wide-spread commercial UAV mission equipment.” 

The second HELIATICA’s project showcased at HeliExpo is the blind spot video system for light helicopters. This solution consists of three video cameras: one downward looking camera is installed underbelly of the helicopter and two cameras are installed on the tail boom looking at landing gear and tail fin blind zones. A full-color video image showing the view from the rear of the helicopter is displayed on Garmin G500H or on a dedicated LCD screen installed on the instrumental panel. This mission equipment is developed by HELIATICA also in cooperation with Heliswiss Iberica. The kit is already certified by EASA and by Aviation Register of the Russian Federation for Airbus Helicopter H130 (EC130 T2) and has been installed on several private H130 helicopters operated in HELIATICA’s region.

HeliExpo show-goers are invited to take a look at both systems at HELIATICA booth #2307.

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