Conklin & de Decker has exclusive offers for Heli-Expo 2017

Conklin & de Decker has exclusive offers for Heli-Expo 2017

7-Mar-2017 Source: Conklin & de Decker

Conklin & de Decker (Booth #8207) has announced they will offer Heli-Expo attendees a special 10% discount on their most popular data products during the three-day convention from March 7th through the 9th in Dallas, Texas. Heli-Expo attendees are invited to stop by the Conklin & de Decker booth to see what’s new with their updated products and to enter to win a free “GoPro® Hero5” action camera.


  • 2017 The State Tax Guide for General Aviation was just released last week and a section was added to enable the user to track state tax legislative activity,
  • Conklin & de Decker has expanded the maintenance data and added more aircraft to the Life Cycle Cost 17.1 recent release.
  • The next generation Conklin & de Decker Report is in final beta testing now and Heli-Expo attendees can see live demonstrations of this at the Conklin & de Decker booth.
  • For managers responsible for aircraft maintenance tracking, the new MxManager is also in its final release phase and can be demonstrated by appointment only.

The four databases available at a special 10% show discount include the Aircraft Cost Evaluator, the Life Cycle Cost, the Aircraft Performance Comparator and the 2017 State Tax Guide for General Aviation.

  • The Aircraft Cost Evaluator (ACE) is the ideal benchmarking tool that assists aircraft owners, operators, brokers and dealers with important side-by-side operating cost and performance comparisons. ACE helps users make critical decisions on aircraft acquisitions, whether they are downsizing to a smaller asset or making a larger aircraft purchase or trade. The most extensive operating cost database, ACE is referred to as the industry standard and is currently used by AMSTAT, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Jet Traveler, Twin & Turbine, Executive & VIP Jets and World Aircraft Sales.
    • ACE subscribers also receive access to the new ACE-Online tool at no additional cost. This new web interface allows subscribers to access information via any browser, including mobile devices.  Using ACE-Online allows access to cost information anytime, anywhere, without downloading and installing any software first.
  • Life Cycle Cost (LCC) puts all aspects of owning and operating an aircraft into one easy-to-use program. Aircraft acquisition costs, operating costs, maintenance costs, taxes, final residual values and even revenues, if the user is in commercial operations, are all included in this business aviation budgeting tool. Life Cycle Cost is extremely important when determining whether to retain or replace aircraft, acquire new or used aircraft, and in evaluating the total economics of competing aircraft whether purchasing, financing, or leasing.  This software predicts cash flows, Net Present Values and has a 12-month budget as well as a residual value analysis calculation.
  • The Aircraft Performance Comparator (APC) is the most comprehensive aircraft comparison tool available to the industry today. Part of a family of innovative software products created by Conklin & de Decker, the Aircraft Performance Comparator is a vital tool for anyone that is acquiring a Business Jet, Turboprop, Helicopter, or Piston airplane, or needs to compare impartial aircraft performance data quickly and easily.
  • Along with a subscription to Aircraft Cost Evaluator, Aircraft Performance Comparator or Life Cycle Cost, subscribers receive full access to Conklin & de Decker’s Aviation Resource Library that provides online access to more tools & information such as:
    • Fuel & Maintenance Costs, Fleet Plan Checklist, Helicopter Seating Chart, Max Range at Long Range Cruise, Aircraft Alias and Engine Installation summaries, Aircraft Variable Cost, and the Aircraft CO2 Calculator, and
    • AircraftPediaTM, a unique online aircraft reference tool containing interior and exterior aircraft drawings; hi-resolution aircraft color images, histories, and general cost, performance, and engine information. All information can be accessed via any web-browser, including the iPad and other mobile devices.
  • The 2017 State Tax Guide for General Aviation is the best source for timely and accurate US State tax information and is available 24/7. This Windows application is a must-have reference tool for aircraft operators, accountants, dealers, brokers, aviation law professionals, and others who deal with State Taxes. The State Tax Guide (STG) contains the latest taxes and fees imposed on general aviation in all fifty states. It addresses sales and use taxes, personal property taxes, aircraft registrations fees, fuels and possible exemption applicable to aircraft sales, ownership, leases, parts, and labor. Aircraft operators stay informed of tax changes and critical general aviation state tax changes as they happen with downloadable updates from the Conklin & de Decker website.

The Conklin & de Decker team look forward to meeting Heli-Expo attendees and sharing what’s new with all their products and services!

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