LORD Extends Warranty and Repair Service Programs

LORD Extends Warranty and Repair Service Programs

7-Mar-2017 Source: LORD Corporation

LORD Corporation – a leader in the management of vibration, noise and motion control – has once again extended its warranty program and repair offerings on several platforms.

In direct response to customer feedback to lower direct maintenance costs without compromising quality, as well as continued improved performance of products, LORD has announced the following platform offerings:

1)    Bell 412 main driveshaft boot overhaul

2)    Bell 206 TT Straps PMA

3)    Bell 412 main rotor spindle exchange program

4)    Bell 430 shear restraint exchange program

5)    Schweizer 300 main rotor damper and tail rotor bearing

6)    Bell 206 trunnion bearing 3-year/2,500-hour warranty

According to Francois Magnan, Aftermarket Customer Manager, LORD Corporation, the continual refinements in the repair and warrant programs are a result of customer need.

“All these initiatives are the direct result of listening to owners/operators and paying attention to their needs,” said Magnan.

Dan Rothenbusch, Component Shop Supervisor, Eagle Copters, also highlighted that LORD improvements from a technology, warranty and service standpoint are often a result of strong communication.

“The LORD team is helpful with quotes as well as any maintenance questions we may have,” said Rothenbusch. “I appreciate the two-way communication we have with LORD as they are receptive to feedback, ideas and lessons learned that we share with the team.”

Dennis Blumenthal, Chief of Helicopter Maintenance for the Los Angeles County Fire Department, said he appreciates how LORD understands their needs. “Having an aircraft down costs us a lot in terms of money and response time,” he said. “LORD has a great parts exchange program and they offer quick turnaround times.”

In addition to solid communication, LORD continues to develop the next generation of elastomeric components to increase reliability and performance as well as lower Direct Operating Costs (DOC). SPE IIA was specifically formulated for helicopter bearing applications. Bell Helicopter approved the upgrade to LORD SPE IIA elastomer on the lead lag and shear bearings in 2014. Comparative endurance tests validate a significant increase in test life for the SPE IIA bearings. LORD conservatively predicts a minimum of 30 percent increase in actual service life. In 2015, LORD extended the warranty to align with Bell’s mandatory hub overhaul that occurs at 2,500 hours. The improved material is expected to provide users with an additional value of at least $13,000 per main rotor hub, not including the time and resources saved by not replacing these parts as often. All bearings are expected to exceed a 2,500-hour service life with more consistent performance, also backed by an improved warranty.

According to LORD Corporation’s Rodolphe Leroy, Global Sales Manager, Business Development & Marketing, in addition to standing by its warranties and quotes, LORD continues to design, manufacture and test new solutions, as well as enhance its commitment to customer service.

“No matter how large or small, old or new your fleet is, LORD has the experience to support you,” said Leroy.

Jason Althoff, Maintenance Control Manager, Air Evac EMS, Inc., noted how crucial it is that they keep their more than 150 medically-configured helicopters operating out of 130 bases operational and safe. He noted that as the leading air ambulance service, maintenance issues not only cost money, but they can impact their ability to save lives. “I have grown to depend on LORD Corporation as they are responsive and innovative,” he said.

Chris Poirier, Component Shop Supervisor for VIH Aerospace, also noted that he has turned to LORD during maintenance challenges. “I recently called on LORD when we couldn’t isolate a vibration issue on a main rotor head and their knowledge, inspections, communication and thorough reporting greatly assisted us in helping meet the needs of our customer,” he said. “I have great confidence not only in their manufactured products, but also their aircraft knowledge and experience troubleshooting problems.”

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