HAI Safety Symposium for UAS Integration into the NAS

HAI Safety Symposium for UAS Integration into the NAS

8-Mar-2017 Source: HeliHub.com

HAI President Matt Zuccaro opened the 2017 Safety Symposium with a presentation of the integration of Unmanned Aerial Systems into the National Airspace System. Zuccaro explained how the technology behind UAS is one that we should aim to develop. He goes further to say that such technology will bring business to helicopter operators and that they should offer UAS services in order to keep clientele.

Although drones are limited in their altitude, many say that they will soon be used to carry out jobs that helicopters currently perform, as they currently complete 1/3 of the operations manned helicopters accomplish. They also have a lower operating cost. Alan Frazier, from the University of North Dakota has said that a drone will average $20 per hour, compared to a manned helicopters $575 per hour.

A concern that Zuccaro has is that the prevention of the authority of the FAA over local municipalities and how this is limiting the use of UAS. Others want to segregate UAS by allowing unmanned crafts to fly 500 feet or lower, not allowing them to integrate with the NAS at all.

Together with other organisations, HAI is developing drone education systems, in order to educate both the professionals using drones, as well as recreational users, reports UAS Vision. Bryan Archer, founder of Galaxy Aviation, has commented that according to Part 107 and Section 333, a drone has no airworthiness standards. The pilot of the drone must ensure that it is in a “safe condition.”

Alan Frazier remarked that Part 107 “is not working for public safety.” He explained that a waiver was requested in Houston for 300 drones to be flown at night in a Class B airspace and it was approved in six weeks. But Frazier, who does some law enforcement work, sent in a waiver request for Class D airspace and has been waiting for six months. “Saving lives is more important than Super Bowl halftime entertainment.”



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