BowTie Methodology Presented at Heli Expo 2017

BowTie Methodology Presented at Heli Expo 2017

17-Mar-2017 Source: Mentair Group

Sharon Grey and Nathan Predoehl, Principals of the Mentair Group, assisted Mr. Gerald Kosbab at the Heli Expo last week. Ms. Grey and Mr. Predoehl have extensive experience in quality and safety management systems auditing. Mentair Group, an aviation consulting group, has been following Mr. Kosbab’s efforts over the past three years to provide the Bowtie methodology to an increasing number of companies who have embraced this method. Risk management is a key element of Safety Management Systems (SMS) and addresses the need for a thorough understanding of the hazards associated with aviation operations and the appropriate safety controls necessary to mitigate risk in your operations. When asked about Mentair Group’s collaboration with Mr. Kosbab, Nathan Predoehl said, “We highly recommend the BowTie Risk Management Method to our clients because those who are currently using it report it is an easy and effective method of visualizing and tracking risk management activities.”

AeroDirections, LLC in conjunction with CGE Risk Management Solutions, presented the Bowtie method at two separate sessions for the HAI participants this year. Mr. Kosbab had presented one session for the 2016 Heli Expo last year, and because of the good reviews, was invited back to hold two sessions this year.

Gerald Kosbab, President of AeroDirections, is a recognized expert in the areas of aviation safety and risk management. He works with aviation and aerospace organizations world-wide and participates on the US Helicopter Safety Team (USHST) accident scoring team where he is currently applying the BowTie approach to model the top rotorcraft accident causes from the previous 10 years. The method will highlight the appropriate safety controls for the prevention of these repeat occurrences. Bowtie methodology is fast becoming the “best practice” benchmark for risk analysis in the aviation and aerospace industries. This highly visual and interactive approach to defining and managing operational hazards is currently used by rotorcraft operators, air carriers, MROs and aerospace OEMs around the world to address the risk-based requirements of Safety Management Systems (SMS) as well as ISO 9001:2016 and AS9100D.

Jasper Smit, One of CGE’s BowTieXP Project Managers from Leidschendan, Netherlands, was on hand to help with these presentations and answer some of the questions posed by numerous attendees at the sessions and later at the AeroDirections display booth.

Steven Leisegang, Aviation Account Manager for Ideagen PLC, provided expertise for Q-Pulse a Safety Management Software product that is recognized worldwide as one of the top software solutions for aviation SMS support.

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