ForeFlight adds series of new features to popular flight planning app

ForeFlight adds series of new features to popular flight planning app

6-Apr-2017 Source: ForeFlight

ForeFlight, creator of the most widely used flight planning and electronic flight bag app for Apple iPad and iPhone, announced this week the availability of ForeFlight 9, the company’s latest software release that includes innovative features to enhance every phase of flight.

Integrated ForeFlight Checklist

ForeFlight has integrated one of the most important aviation tools into the app pilots already use for every phase of flight, reducing cockpit clutter and keeping critical safety procedures organized and easily accessible. Familiar paper checklists derived from aircraft Pilot Operating Handbooks are transformed into digital templates that fit naturally into procedural workflows and help pilots conduct safer flight operations. ForeFlight users can start with one of many preconfigured templates or create their own custom checklists. Every checklist is fully editable and can be shared via AirDrop or email with friends, club members, or aircraft partners.

The color-coded interface makes it easy to see which items have been checked and an interactive progress indicator gives pilots an at-a-glance view of where they are within a series of checklists. When an item is checked, it is highlighted green to give the pilot or crew member a clear visual confirmation of the items that have been completed.

ForeFlight Checklist is a feature of ForeFlight’s Basic Plus and Pro Plus subscription plans.

New Glide Advisor Helps Pilots Locate a Safe Landing Space

Glide Advisor helps pilots quickly assess landing options in an emergency situation. Based on terrain, winds aloft, GPS data, and the aircraft’s best glide speed and ratio, ForeFlight shapes a dynamic glide range ring around the aircraft position icon on the moving map display. Over flat terrain, the range depiction is circular and in mountainous areas, the ring continually reshapes itself to curve around terrain contours. The feature is even more powerful when paired with Distance Rings for a quick way to give a position report to ATC. Glide Advisor can also be combined with a split-screen Synthetic Vision view for the ultimate in situational awareness.

Light & Dark App Color Themes

Customers can now toggle between Light and Dark App Themes to suit their preference. The Dark Theme converts the background color to dark blue throughout the app while keeping highlight colors and text easily visible. The Dark Theme setting is great for flying at night or anytime of day. For an even more powerful night setting, customers can combine the Dark App Theme with Color Inversion, a previously released feature that reduces the glare of bright app views by inverting white and black elements on IFR Enroute charts, VFR Sectionals, procedure plates, airport diagrams, and documents. ForeFlight’s color-safe technology preserves the standard chart legend colors that pilots are familiar with.

ForeFlight and SiriusXM SXAR1 Integration Now Includes Satellite Radio Support

ForeFlight customers flying with the SiriusXM SXAR1 Aviation Receiver can now connect their Bluetooth headset or audio device to the SXAR1 and stream XM Satellite Radio while in the cockpit. ForeFlight is the interface to browse and select radio stations. In addition, the portable SXAR1 provides access high-quality satellite aviation weather in ForeFlight Mobile including high-resolution NEXRAD with storm cell attributes and tracks, Lightning, Cloud Tops, Echo Tops, Surface Wind Analysis, Winds/Temps Aloft, METAR/TAF, AIR/SIGMET, PIREP, and NOTAMS.

Customize the Maps View with User Map Shapes

Customers can now import and display their own KML geographic files into ForeFlight allowing them to define specific areas for their custom navigation needs. The KML files are imported via iTunes and then appear as a Map overlay option. This feature is a powerful capability for many flight missions such as search and rescue operations, pipeline patrol, or flight schools who want to define training areas for students and instructors. The custom overlays seamlessly integrate into the moving map display and so are ideal for both planning and for reference inflight.

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