Airbus Helicopters takes H125 production line into the digital age

Airbus Helicopters takes H125 production line into the digital age

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At a recent briefing at the Airbus Helicopters production tactility at Marignane in Southern France, was shown a new system which has been set up on the H125/H130 line to monitor the progress of each aircraft and provide significantly more management data.
In very simple terms, each helicopter moves down the line every three days and at each “station”, a suitable set of tasks is issued to the production engineers to complete.  Next to each of ten stations on the three parallel production lines is a huge touch-screen monitor (approx 50″ screen) on which the current status of the aircraft can be viewed and other information displayed.  This means that there are 30 on the production line at any one time, and each airframe is expected to be on the line for 30 days.
Each production line engineer has a tablet on which they record which work they have completed against their task list, and note any issues that they have encountered.  This builds up to a view on whether a particular airframe is on time or “running late” and how many man hours are required to get it back on schedule – and correspondingly that builds up to a management dashboard for the complete production line.  This information could help to identify tasks taking too long, tasks most prone to error, efficiency by engineer and so on.
The tablets are linked by wifi, enabling all production data to be available to everyone else on the shopfloor in real-time. This facilitates the flow of information and consequently allows corrective action plans, when necessary, to be launched more quickly. Apart from the inherent advantages of having a paperless shopfloor, Airbus Helicopters has quickly found that the digitization of their H125/H130 production data has lead to increased productivity.
The software being used is Delmia Apriso by Dassault Systemes.  Apriso was a Spanish based company (the word translates as “quickly”) until it was acquired by Dassault Systemes in July 2013 and merged into their Delmia suite.  Airbus Helicopters plans on rolling the system out across other production lines in Marignane once they have sufficient experience on the H125/H130 line
Global manufacturers have been using Apriso for over 20 years to ease the challenges of global manufacturing operations management. With Apriso solutions, manufacturers are improving organizational agility to adapt more quickly and effectively to change.
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