Roselectronika replaces foreign navigation system for Russian civil helicopters

Roselectronika replaces foreign navigation system for Russian civil helicopters

10-May-2017 Source: Ruselectronika

[Electronic Translation] The combined holding company “Russian Electronics” creates a new generation of avionics for civil helicopters. Modern equipment will significantly reduce the dependence of producers and consumers of helicopters from foreign components and services.

Within import critical elements avionics specialists Rybinsk CB “beam”, in particular, small-size helicopter created Doppler velocity meter and demolition, combined with an altimeter (Diss-SH). Device for measuring the speed, altitude and slant range of the aircraft in flight and at helicopter hovering above the terrain.
The equipment included in the autonomous navigation systems by means of which a helicopter can be automatically keep course, be guided in electronic jamming conditions, in the absence of satellite communications and navigation signals conventional GLONASS / GPS systems. New domestic Diss automatically detects the slant range to the underlying surface and its type – water, earth, wood, allowing to completely eliminate, in some situations the “human factor” and the likelihood of some piloting error.

“Today the market of civil Diss and many other elements of the on-board equipment is almost completely occupied by foreign manufacturers. This means they are dependent on imported equipment, components, services, and seriously affects the price of goods, the cost of their operation. In this case we are talking about critical elements of the avionics affecting navigation, maneuvering and flight safety in general. The military helicopters have no such problems, it is time to address these issues in the civil aircraft industry “, – says the Deputy Director General of JSC” Russian Electronics “Arseniy Brikin.

Diss-HS can be installed on any type of civil helicopters. It has a much reduced weight and size characteristics, the method further carries out functions altimeter. This combination has allowed to reduce the amount of equipment on board and optimize the internal space of the helicopter.

Unlike traditional Diss new device reduces the dependence of the crew on the visibility conditions. It provides stable hovering helicopters at low altitudes and increases flight safety in fog, in rain, snow, when other adverse conditions. These qualities make the best device for the cars involved, for example, in search and rescue operations, firefighting, etc.

At the moment, prototypes of Diss-VG, the product has reached a stage of certification.


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