K. Roger Williams Passes Away at Age of 65

K. Roger Williams Passes Away at Age of 65

29-May-2017 Source: HeliHub.com

  1. Roger Williams, one of the original employees of Bell Helicopters passed away last Friday in Dallas at the age of 65. Well loved by his community, Williams was seen as the face of Bell, always smartly dressed. His duties within the company ranged from site manager, executive director, to director of admin and head of human resources. He is also remembered by his charity work, with high esteem held for him in the United Way of Amarillo & Canyon and the First Baptist Church. He worked diligently with the community’s refugee population, driving a van to transport participants to the First Baptist Church’s English as a Second Language classes, reports Amarillo. A service was held to celebrate his life at the First Baptist Church in Amarillo.


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